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Bioware needs to explain themselves. This make no sense.

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Bioware needs to explain themselves. This make no sense.

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03.22.2012 , 02:56 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Ojas View Post
Not sure what you mean. I would like to see sorcerers force regen dropped to 1/s fixed but their pool left alone.

Right now, they have no force issues. Unlike operatives who have to focus their ENTIRE play style around energy.
Exactly! play style! You got it!

That is the only difference between the two classes.

Sage plays like a traditional MMO healer. You go through your rotation and hope you don't run out resources before the mob goes down. You have emergency things to regen your force when things go to crap. You have abilities/equipment to make this hopefully not happen as much.

operatives do not play like a traditional MMO healer. If you are playing them in the same way you play a sage then the sage will do better. Much in the same way that if you play a sage in the same way you play a warrior the warrior will probably run out of resources less often than the sage... these comparisons are equally valid.

operatives play in such a way that they can keep someone healed very well without ever dipping below 70 - 80%. When things get bad you have to dip into that reserve however, and then things get complicated because you may or may not have your regen abilities up, in which case you are now unable to sustain your tank, so it may be better to not dip into it, or only dip into when you know the tank is going to be okay for a bit (shields are up, mob is stunned, etc.)

Basically I would say that the only way in which the sage is better than the operative is that everyone already knows how to play the sage, because it follows a simple, linear model of mana increasing and decreasing like in the regular healer class from the games we've been playing our whole lives. With an operative it does not come as natural, as you really are forced to think ahead a few steps with every heal you use, and you are required to depend a bit more on luck (which flavor wise makes very much sense, and I think makes the game better as a whole).

Overall it seems the people arguing that the operative is under-powered just don't like the play style, luckily for you, you can just play a different class.

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03.22.2012 , 03:32 PM | #62
For the OP... It's a complete apples to oranges comparison because the resource models are completely different in how they play.

The amusing thing is that your conclusion is completely backwards. If anything, the Scoundrel/Op bonus is more valuable to their class than the Sage/Sorcerer bonus is to their class.

Once operation playing Sage/Sorc players learn to manage their mana, the +50 mana generally doesn't affect their performance or playstyle at all. Most of them consider it the most worthless set bonus in the game.

For a Scoundrel/Op player, their bonus gives them a bigger buffer to work with while staying within the high levels of energy regen. It impacts their available play choices in a positive way, allowing slightly more flexibility.

You're in here complaining, wishing for a bigger energy pool increase because it actually matters for you. A Sage player could care less.

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03.22.2012 , 05:59 PM | #63
I think the core issue here isn't the balance between Sorcs/sages and Ops/Scoundrels.

Many people are just unhappy with the regen mechanics of the tech healers. When dealing with Oh-crap moments you want to have the ability for high burst healing. In the Tech healer's case, you can only burst heal for a few casts and then are stuck. This penalty is doubly harsh due to reduced regen at lower energy levels.

People are using class comparisons to make their point, but its really just off base.

Ops/Scoundrels will only really be happy when two fundamental issues are fixed. First is that we no longer have to deal with maintaining a single stack of tactical advantage for maximum healing efficiency. Second is no longer feeling so burdened by periods of high burst healing.

IMHO the fixes in 1.2 might help, but without a much larger energy pool or cheaper high HP heals we are still limited.