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Combat Medic's and Executive Order 1.2

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Combat Medic's and Executive Order 1.2

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03.19.2012 , 02:12 PM | #1
>Accessing Galactic Historical Database..............
>Executive Order 1.2.............
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Republican combat medic's were notorious for their life giving abilities on the battlefield. They fought in all areas of the galaxy, from the Core Worlds, to the Outer Rim. Naturally, braving countless fronts, they started generating a reputation, a reputation that some started to fear.

As battles raged across the outlying territories of the Out Rim, stories and rumors started circulating of the atrocities being performed by combat medic's. Some of horrors being talked about were medic's patching up fellow soldiers at the cost of their own lives, performing on the spot surgeries that reattached limbs as if they were never lost, and in some extreme cases, the medic's were seemingly bringing people back from the dead to fight another day.

At first, these simple rumors or supposed tales of the battlefield, were told by soldiers in the hopes that they would reach the enemy and frighten them. However, as these reports increased in notoriety and number, they began capturing the attention of higher military authority. To bring basis, whether true or false, to these reports, the Republican Military High Command launched an official investigation. After weeks of exploring the issue and gaining feedback, the stories turned out to indeed be fact.

The High Command, fearful of what they had created, held an emergency session with top Senators and other various high ranking heads of government and state. The concern was that if these combat medic's gained too much power, they could become too dangerous to control and may decide to break from the Republic or attack it. The meeting, its members, and what was to be discussed, was classified at the highest level. The primary issue on every attendee's mind was how did these Combat Medic's become so powerful, but more importantly, how were the these government officials going to put a stop the mayhem. Days passed as the delegates each put forth their idea's. There was great political infighting, old wounds were open, blame was cast on every member by every other member, and some planetary nations even threatened to secede from the Republic. In the end though, it was agreed that something drastic had to be done. After much heated deliberation, Executive Order 1.2 was secretly signed into law and thus began Operation Chopping Block (referred to from hence forth as O.C.B.).

>Accessing Galactic Historical Database..............
>Operation Chopping Block..........
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O.C.B. began immediately. It was carried out en mass, but in a relatively discreet manner. What it entailed was the rounding up of all Combat Medic's under the premise that the war was escalating, so new, more advanced training was to be undertaken by these medic's. The medic's were instructed not to discuss these orders with anyone under the premise that the intel could not fall into enemy hands. Precisely what took place during O.C.B. in unknown since all official records were destroyed. All that is known though, is that the combat medic's would report to their perspective "training" sites in secluded locations, such as the greatest depth's of Coruscant or the most barren outposts of Hoth. It was clear the medic's were not being executed, but worse, they ended up being reconditioned into something very different.

Fearing the medic's were becoming to independent and too powerful for their own good and the good of the Republic, the members of the secret meeting realized they needed to reign in and regain control of these supposed wayward soldiers. The idea was simple, for the medic's to lose their power, they needed to lose the knowledge that gave them that power. It was decided that the medic's needed to be, in a sense, be set back to factory settings. O.C.B. was in effect a massive brain washing campaign. After some time, the medic's had been mostly pacified back to their original rank and file training.

After it was over, it was noted that something like this could never be allowed to happen again. Sweeping changes were instituted across the Republican military. New recruits being trained into the field medical program were only taught what they needed to fulfill their duties on the battlefield. Levels and overlap of monitoring programs were put in place to ensure security.

Not all combat medic's were successfully reconditioned. Some could not handle the mental strain. The minds of others were far to patriotic to be fully changed over. With others, the effects lasted for a while, but eventually all knowledge was slowly eroded by the severity of the therapy. It was noted that some former medic's, not knowing what else to do and in an attempt to regain former knowledge, drifted back to various past battlefields seeking whatever they could of battles long past. There were reported sightings of former medic's trying to reanimate and heal the already dead. It was learned years later that the Empire had brought about similar changes across the empire, focusing mostly on former contracted bounty hunters and mercenaries. These freelancers could be seen in the same scorched zones attempting to rebuild pieces of gear with remnants of technology strewn about. Many a mercenary spontaneously combusted or outright exploded attempting, but being unable to properly control or vent heat buildup.

Along with the new breed of rank and file recruit, the Republic military still employed the services of select Force users and private contracts to privateers with medical knowledge.

The Jedi Order, learning what had occurred through meditation and the force, albeit too late as was always the case, instructed their Sage's not to use the full girth of their abilities for fear that they would encounter the same fate as the combat medic's. All official training and advanced healing techniques were destroyed from all holocron archives.

>end historical content........

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03.19.2012 , 02:57 PM | #2
hahahaha..... i LOVE it! I have been playing MMO's for around 10 years, and that has got to be the best nerf story i have ever seen.
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03.19.2012 , 03:03 PM | #3
+10 for creativeness.

On a serious note, why do good classes always get nerfed? It's like "Oh, you're actually having FUN??? We can't have that now! Start grinding, paying minion!"
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03.19.2012 , 04:26 PM | #4
I <3 alts!

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03.19.2012 , 04:28 PM | #5

Just like Troopers who rebelled against general order 66 became the 75th Shadow Company, so too these Combat Medics rebelled to become Shadow Medics?

I like... any room for some Shadow Mercenaries?


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03.20.2012 , 11:28 PM | #6
Great Writing. If you never published a book then please try. If you have please post your titles below : )

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03.22.2012 , 12:23 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Donnadarco View Post
Great Writing. If you never published a book then please try. If you have please post your titles below : )
Haha, this is one of the most flattering comments I've ever gotten in life. I laugh because I've always been a computer guy, and even spent a few years as an engineering student (math is hard, I have the up most respect for any and all engineers in the world). This just happened to be one of those rare creative steaks that happens once every few years. The dev's are messing with my healing, so I responded in the most appropriate way possible: through sarcasm.

Glad the rest of you enjoyed it as well!

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03.22.2012 , 03:19 PM | #8