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You're doing it wrong BioWare, here's what you do

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You're doing it wrong BioWare, here's what you do

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03.22.2012 , 01:08 AM | #1
So..I see a lot of people, usually the ones on the forums, complaining about things, then bioware puts them in, then they complain they are in and they actually have to PLAY the game. Who would have thought ya know? Playing a game?

Anyway...I propose a button that is just one square called "epic". And you guys make different programmed "ways" that the player might play so they can just press this "epic" button and not even have to complain about having to backpeddle or move on w,s,a,d or anything. Have different playstyles programmed into that "epic" button so people can choose what they like based on their playstyle. So all the abilities in the game are on the epic button and you don't have to train, you just go out and have fun!

For example: If I was the type of player who was aggressive, I could just click the button 3 times for "aggression" and the program would know, in a way, the smartest way of doing things in that scenario of "aggression" and it would it. The best way possible, by being aggressive of course to enemies. Both npcs and players.

If I was the type of player who liked to tank, I could just click the "epic" button 5 times and the program would know by my series of clicks, what macro to adjust itself to. For example, in a warzone, it would "know" what type of tank you would be because it would be the smartest programmable macro mmorpg program ever.

Another example would be: If I was the type of player who likes to heal and do all that I would just click 4 times for "support". Then the program would know by my series of clicks, to adjust itself to the way most people play for "support" or "healing". No staying behind, thinking of where to go so you can just stay back and heal, the program would now be able to do it all for you!

Now another one could be called "ungrateful" where some would click the button 10 times and that then tells the program that you just want to raid all the time and complain and constantly nag at people telling them your way is best and you don't care about anything else in the game except that. So then..what it would do is it would teleport you to the fleet. Then, with the program's intelligence, it would select the proper operation based on your armor, gear, and experience points along with other people who pressed the "epic-ungrateful" button. It would also constantly spam general chat in the fleet and tell people how they should be playing the game because the program knows in way the way most of the "ungrateful" people play the game. Also...this way would be useful because there would be no need for an lfg group tool because all those who pressed the "epic-ungrateful" button will now be placed with a group PRECISELY like them.

There would be:


Perhaps a few others...

Here is an example of a tutorial!

Welcome to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Thankyou for playing. Before you start we have introduced a new type of program called the "player mechanized system" that makes it easier and more enjoyable than ever to play your favorite mmo and to have the whole game experience, immersion, and fun without all the fuss!!! Please select what type of playstyle you prefer

Aggressive, Tank, Support, Ungrateful

Then those can branch off and go toward the "epic" button and all you have to do is click!!! There no more compwainers

Just think! You can start a new wave of players that just want to sit back, relax, chill out, have fun, not do anything all for that endgame stuff. Also, make the ability to turn it off if you want. Though...I do not think many players that go on these forums would want that feature.

Discuss, what do you think? :
Always be who you are, not what the galaxy wants you to be

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03.22.2012 , 01:12 AM | #2
I think EAWare already tried to implemented an "AWESOME" button in a recent game.

Not sure how that went....

(I am actually sure how that went)

(SWTOR looks like it's going the same way)

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03.22.2012 , 01:15 AM | #3
Didn't that post just describe combat macros? LOL

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03.22.2012 , 01:18 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by iResist View Post
Didn't that post just describe combat macros? LOL
No..this is completely different. It would be "smarter"

Macros are just simple things and you still have to play

This would require no effort whatsoever! It would even log into the game for you!!
Always be who you are, not what the galaxy wants you to be

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03.22.2012 , 01:22 AM | #5

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