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Different errors on DVD installation and online installation

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Different errors on DVD installation and online installation

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12.16.2011 , 06:54 AM | #1
I've been looking forward to this game for months. I really have. I am a devoted BioWare fan, and a lifelong Star Wars fan. So, finally, I got my early access. "Yay!" I shouted, and opened the launcher, which I had downloaded from the account page. I punched in my password, the game opened, and the intro started.

Then came the loading screen.

It went on forever and ever, but FINALLY, I got into the main menu. I could hardly select anything without the game studdering like hell, let alone change any settings. I tried restarting it, and decided to fiddle around with the settings later. I went for the character creation.
Then along came the loading screen. And it stayed.

I played six levels of Angry Birds before I finally gave up, and tried to restart it. Same issue over and over. Tried rebooting. Tried reading the forums. No avail.

Finally, I gave in, and uninstalled it. I popped the DVD into my drive, and installed it. After an installation process that felt like it went on forever, I finally had a crisp copy of SWTOR, fully patched, ready to play.

I entered the game again.

This time, however, it went to the loading screen, then abruptly shut down. No error message, nothing. A proper 'fus ro dah' and a fist to the keyboard later, I tried again. And again. AND AGAIN.

No dice.

I've been installing this game five times now, two times from the internet. I am starting to get really pissed off right now. I did not preorder because I wanted to wait until they come up with some solution. Especially as there hasn't been any viable solutions at all online.

My network is fine, disabling fullscreen won't work, and my girlfriend has a vastly inferior computer to mine, and she gets it running without a hint of problems.

I am so sick of loading screens now.

Does anyone have found a solution to ANY of these two issues? This wasn't really how I was planning to spend my weekend.