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Is Faction Imbalance going to kill World PvP?

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Is Faction Imbalance going to kill World PvP?

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12.16.2011 , 05:58 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Cosian View Post
Instanced PvP does not kill world PvP .... poor open world PvP mechanics kill world PvP.

Somehow people think that if instanced PvP is removed it will force people to world PvP. Not going to happen if the OWPvP mechanics are poor. More accurately, if the World PvP mechanics are poor people will simply look for another game.

So if your OW PvP game ....

- Does not have objectives
- Promotes gank style play of folks as they are leveling
- Does not have rewards commensurate with PvE or instanced PvP
- Has a seperate PvP gear and stat path grind needed to be competitive
- Makes it difficult for players joining 6 months down the road to be competive with established players

.... well, there is little hope for sustainable OW PvP.

Regretably I think this game will be fun for awhile, but then, as far as OW PvP is concerned will go the way of all the other MMO's based on this model.
Sooooo SOOOOOOOOOO not true. SWG pre-soe had the best OW pvp in any mmo. Whole servers took part in it before sony destroyed the game, and it didnt meet ne of your above points.
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12.16.2011 , 06:02 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by GRINnBARRETT View Post
OWPVP has always been about who has the bigger zerg. Until a game decides to balance zone populations then it will always be so.
While everyone can point to instances where a highly organized smaller force defeats a large force, it is the exception and generally numbers rule.

But that said, it is the ebb and flow of OWPvP that is the attraction. While virtually all OWPvP will start with a big zerg, the other side rallys forces and pushes back. A back and forth ensues that is a lot of fun. An OWPvP player looks at OWPvP as an event that occurs over time as opposed to a brief slice of time where you got zerged.

However, a large imbalance in overall server pop in a 2 faction environment is definetly a killer. There will always be diehards who can stomach losing major engagements over and over and enjoy the challenge. However, they are in the minority and most players on a side that is continually getting stomped will leave the game or join the side having the most success.

Players self balancing the sides may occur on occasion. However, in a game where people have to start new toons on the other side and then grind up to get PvP competitive, tthe self balancing will never occur fast enough and the servers numbers will drop considerably before this occurs.

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12.16.2011 , 06:05 AM | #33
Warhammer did it in a good way. If you were in the over populated faction = much longer pops for instanced PVP. But because there is hutball; there is really no reason for the empire guys to switch over.

I.e. if you either had to play with instant pops or 60 min queues; maybe you would switch factions?

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12.16.2011 , 06:10 AM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by amgtoramg View Post
Sooooo SOOOOOOOOOO not true. SWG pre-soe had the best OW pvp in any mmo. Whole servers took part in it before sony destroyed the game, and it didnt meet ne of your above points.
Yes I played SWG and like most other games, the OW PvP was good in the begining with the intial player rush and everyone leveling together. However I was there, it was dieing before SOE put the nail in the coffin with their 'enhancements'.

I am not saying that you cannot have good OWPvP in a game with mechanics as I noted above. I had some great times in SWG. My point is that those great times will not last very long.