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DC/crash then back to server que for 30min

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DC/crash then back to server que for 30min

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12.16.2011 , 05:53 AM | #1
I have been enjoying the game except if i crash or dc i have to wait in line all over again yet im logging in roughly 1-2 mins after said dc/crash and then i get to wait on my servers lovely 30min+ server que...I have played other MMOs that would let you back in with out waiting in the server que again after a dc/crash and was wondering if you guys have any intention of implenting that because im getting really tired of this, i played prolly an hour and a half yesterday struggled getting back in and spent the better part of my 8 hours of trying to play sitting in que - would get to like 50ish out of the 400+ in que and dc, then start all over so also wouldnt mind being put back in roughly where u left off if u come back fast enough etc....