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How to kill soa in hardmode?

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03.16.2012 , 08:40 AM | #21
I have a piece of advice that helped our guild out a lot. First, make sure all of your members are watching their chat window, the red warnings that pop up mid screen don't last very long. Second, use the mini map! The location of the ball spawns will show on the minimap. We typically call them out over (insert voice chat option). Also, if you aren't melee heavy its nice to let melee stay on the boss and have range burn the mind traps. This helps out a ton when ball lightning spawns next to/on the mind trap. I have my camera zoomed out pretty far and call melee off the mind traps if ball lightning is spawning in the vicinity. Again, they will show up on the mini map BEFORE they actually spawn. This helped us a ton.

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03.16.2012 , 11:42 AM | #22
When we were learning this fight, my thoughts occasionally lead to 'there's some luck / RNG involved here...' but once you get better at this fight you realize there is no luck / RNG at all. It's all about execution.

As a previous poster mentioned, ball control is the most important. I would change that to aggressive ball control. Being lifted by Force Cyclone before you can soak a ball is not 'luck.' If you're aggressive in soaking, this will not happen.

There also isn't luck as far as him resetting goes. I'm assuming we're talking about tank -> mindtrap and then Soa resetting. This is a bug, no question about it. Soa is looking for the tank and eventually evades when he can't find him/her. All you have to do is TAUNT Soa. He really doesn't hit hard, and anyone with a taunt (Shadow/Vanguard/Guardian) can flip their tank stance on for defensive bonuses. You do this, he doesn't reset. No luck involved.

Your gear is also irrelevant, more or less. Soa is NOT a gear check (within reason). You obviously cannot go into the fight in all tionese and expect to win (on hard mode). The only time there is a remote DPS / gear check is phase 3. Everything else prior to that is a communication, coordination, and competence check.

This fight has a TOUGH learning curve for your raiders. It will seem like you're not getting it. But then one night, you will nail the troublesome mechanics and get a kill. It takes times. Work on your communication, coordination, and overall raid competencies and you'll get a kill.

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03.16.2012 , 11:45 AM | #23
Don't drop him to 30% if a player is being thrown around the room. This is not a bug, when his health hits 30% he will destroy the floor. If your mother was being thrown around the room, would you knock him below 30% then? No, because you don't want your mother falling to her death (I hope). If you've got a guy in the air, stop DPSing for a couple of seconds.

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03.17.2012 , 04:53 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragonbgone View Post
The lightning balls only spawn on the southern half of the platform. You should have your whole group sit in the middle while FACING south. This way everyone will be accountable for the lightning balls because they'll be able to see it.

This fight is EXTREMELY heavy on individual skill and ability to react. Have one person go left and one person go right (we use the person on top to go left and bottom right) The lightning balls will gravitate towards them and boom! Pop goes the ball. They need to pop those balls ASAP though because if you get four up at a time, it's no good.

Also, you should require your members to turn on the enemy npc name plates in the interface in order to distinguish dead lightning balls from live ones. Then have them turn their camera distance on max so that they can see the lightning strikes on the pillars and be ready. We split our dps on the boss and on the mindtraps so that we can reduce our time spent in that phase as well.

Also, if you're dps can close the gap at the third phase then you can try three healers, which is what we do.
do they really spawn only on the southern half of the platform???

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03.17.2012 , 05:09 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Grassetblag View Post
Flip it to nightmare for a night or two of attempts. The balls in phase 2 WILL kill The person if done wrong, instead of just usually stressing healers (which usually snowballs into a wipe). This is the best way for everyone to learn the individual responsibility needed in the fight. After a night or two, flip it back to HM and the fight will feel easy all of a sudden!
hahaha good advice

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03.17.2012 , 05:13 AM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by andretious View Post
My guild Rutilus Nex kills this on a weekly basis on 8 man nightmare difficulty

Phase 1 is pretty simple no need to explain here.

Phase 2 Have the raid stack up in the middle with the tank on the opposite side. Have one person , preferably your sorc healer who is spec'd into instant bubbling call out who is targeted with the orbs in voice chat and also throw a sorc bubble on them immedietly.

The two people who are targeted run through the boss into a V shape pattern and decide whos lightning orb is whos. Soon as a person is selected to be thrown into the air you are safe to pop your lightning orbs. Make sure you pop any defense cooldowns you have or hit your rakata med pack for extra health before popping these orbs. Sometimes they can double tick resulting in higher damage than anticipated. For this very reason i have my low health , armor people like sorcs use endurance stims for this fight. Sometimes our inquisitors can just sprint through the orbs (works now they fixed it) and not take any ticks.

Now the 2nd orb pack that comes out you can pop immedietly soon as you decide who it's on and they have sorc bubbles and personal cooldowns used. The third orbs that come out you want to wait to pop them again due to him throwing someone up again. It goes throw, mindtrap , throw mind,trap every other orb spawn.

As far as the person being thrown into the air make sure no one pops an orb in the middle near the boss. If the tank is targeted with an orb he is safe to run out and pop the orb like anyone else.

Also in phase 2 your tank can be put in a mind trap , we had an off tank assassin just go into dark charge stance right away and tank the boss for a few seconds while we broke the tank out.

Also in phase 2 you want to wait till no one is in the air to push the boss over to 30% transition phase. Wait till the person lands and then push the boss past 30%. You may have to stop dps entirely.

Phase 3 same thing stack in the middle unless the drill is coming down there. Take care of mind traps and orbs till the boss is debuffed with the drill. You don't have to worry about anyone being thrown in this phase. The tank can still be put into a mind trap though. People take care of their orbs is priority then boss dps 2nd priority and mind traps third.

This strategy eliminates alot of rng in the fight. It still sucks when a healer is thrown and another healer is put in a mind trap. Good time for the tank to use cooldowns and any people with heals to help heal the tank till at least one healer is out.

Good luck to you!

Rutilus Nex of The Twin Spears Server
great advice!!!
one question, what is your team comp?

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03.17.2012 , 02:06 PM | #27
learn to use the minimap. The balls are on there as little red dots. When your name appears in the chat box, run parallel to the balls to see which one is on you, make sure your at 75% health and then run strait at the ball. If you are not at 75% health run to the edge of the platform and kite the ball until you are healed then destroy the ball. Bottom phase balls have priority to everything else even soa. So if soa is down and you have a lightning ball you kill the lightning ball before you go and dps soa.

It sounds like your group may be a little undergeared. Soa hard mode is still tough for our guild and we are nearly full rakata. We have even killed him on nightmare mode. It takes some raid awareness and getting through that second phase consistantly with everyone alive.

I haven't tried grouping up in the middle, sounds like something I will suggest we try though. Also the tank should maintain aggro on the boss when he goes to kill a ball. As long as he has aggro on the boss he can't be mindtrapped. I usually try to taunt the boss right before I go after a ball. After 1.2 the transition from phase two is going to be easier because the balls will despawn.
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03.17.2012 , 07:31 PM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Duck View Post
1. Person named for a lightning ball will get THROWN before they reach their ball. Naturally this wipes us since now the ball is loose. This happens only sometimes.
I've heard two things about this (from a "what causes this" standpoint), but regardless of which it is if you are paying attention this does not cause a wipe.

To deal with this mechanic:

1) Have everyone group up right next to Soa.

2) If you have done that correctly, if/when someone is thrown before they blow up the ball, that lightning ball will now travel over and sit next to the boss. So, if this happens the person in the air says "I'm in the air and my ball is still up" or whatever...and everyone looks around and avoids the ball as it travels.

3) It is not going after anyone, if someone else tries to blow it up, tell them that they are stupid (it can't be blown up by anyone except who it is targeting).

4) It is just going to go over and sit there and wait.

at least 90% of the time, the lightning ball will evade and disappear before the person in the air lands, in which case that guy got out of taking 12-18k damage (which is a good thing)

The rest of the time, the lightning ball will still be up when the person lands, it will then move after him. So, he needs heals ASAP (a sorc's lifegrip is also helpful to pull him away fast so he can receive those heals before the ball reaches him).
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03.18.2012 , 11:31 AM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by seektravota View Post
do they really spawn only on the southern half of the platform???
They spawn in whichever direction Soa is facing. So just have the tank face Soa to where you want the balls to spawn.
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