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Narrowed Hatred vs Malice

FAMO's Avatar

03.18.2012 , 10:13 AM | #1
This has been discussed wildly, I know.

But I'm still in doubt that I should pick Malice over NH. At the moment I have Malice, but as I'm remodding more and more of my gear to get more power/surge, I find that I'm starting to go below 98% accuracy.

What I'm thinking is: Wouldn't it be better to skill NH, so you can get more surge/power/crit in your enhancements/mods? We get lots of crit chance on our bleeds from Juyo Mastery, and of course Berserk.

My stats are:
402,4 bonus damage with buff (300 power)
97,77 % accuracy (243 rating)
28,51 % crit (381 rating)
73,29 % surge (243 rating)

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03.18.2012 , 10:23 AM | #2
Fact of the matter is until we can parse it's speculation regardless of what anyone says bc right now all we have is gut feeling and general observations. I personally find accuracy past 100% normal weapon attack to be pointless waste of my time because I can't remember the last time I missed an Ops boss with my main hand and I don't encounter enough tank geared tanks in PvP to matter (however I could just be very lucky rng is still rng) but other ppl swear 108% is the magic number.

With a parser we will be able to sit at a combat dummy and pound it for the 6 min standard enrage timer (for PvE for PvP prob one minute will do bc if you are on someone for more than a min something is wrong) and compare 3 points of NH run that test three time to account for random variables (chain critting beyond the norm ect) and take the average of the three vs 3 points of malice run the same amount of times to account for random variables and averaged together. That is when we will have an answer for sure.

Plus diminished returns are changing next patch so any theory crafting done now will be totally void in 3-4 weeks
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03.18.2012 , 10:38 AM | #3
Well, no wonder you don't get why they are saying 108 % - when people are talking about 108 % accuracy it's SPECIAL attacks. So 108 % is in fact 98 %.

What I want to do, is skill NH instead of Malice, and change some of the accuracy in my gear to power, surge or crit. I will still aim for the 98 % accuracy though.