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SOA NM, players in whirlwind seconds after taking a ball

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SOA NM, players in whirlwind seconds after taking a ball

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03.18.2012 , 07:12 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Maglen View Post
And (from experience) when you speed through them they don't register the kaboom and you have to do it again. . .
On my sorc what i've been doing is I force speed to the lightning ball then i stop in its centre, sometimes it ticks sometimes it doesn't but it will always explode.

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03.18.2012 , 08:53 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Bobiefatt View Post
You made me lol.
Like we don't take ourselfs serious?
Offcourse we do all off that, barriers, med packs, running in, not running in, kitting them away, running in fast, have healers time heals.

it all doesen't matter as we saw yesterday eve again when we did another 10 try's.
And in each of these try's there was someone deing from random bad luck or just bugs.

Uploaded for your pleasure

btw we decided to call it and put him on Hardmode.
Guess what? we 1 shotted him after that.

NM is just impossible.
NM is impossible, that's why no guilds in the world have done it...oh wait, I've killed him on Nightmare...

I just excel at doing the impossible I guess, thanks for the complement

Soa is an RNG fest, that's all it really is btw...

you can get unlucky and then it's extremely difficult. You can also get very very lucky and have the RNG gods smile at you. Our first NiM Soa kill ended with all 8 people alive, out of mindtraps, and we didn't use a battle was the first time we ever even made it to the ground phase with all 8 people up. RNG was nice, and the fight went very smooth and easy.

Just keep plugging away and you'll either learn the fight, or the fight will somehow become totally easy because everything went your way for once.
Quote: Originally Posted by Omega View Post
Ivy league educated research scientist working on solar cell development. So yeah, I have no need to feel "accomplished" in a videogame.
Quote: Originally Posted by Omega View Post
Call me when you've got 2 written recommendations from Nobel laureates and have attended annual private functions at the White House.