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Please address "Zealous Leap/Obliterate" positioning in PvE.

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Please address "Zealous Leap/Obliterate" positioning in PvE.

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03.18.2012 , 04:43 AM | #1
Zealous Leap/Obliterate are two "mini-leaps" with a 15 yard range that are a core part of Focus/Rage DPS rotations.

However their positioning behavior is a little erratic, especially on some of the larger bosses.

Where Force Leap generally positions you in a very predictable and reliable fashion, Zealous Leap/Obliterate seems to position you in the weirdest places at times. I've jumped over bosses to be positioned right in front of them, I've jumped to the other side or right through them.

It's just really annoying having such an unpredictable ability, especially on fights like the Rancor where positioning is key.