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Flain's Hardmode Flashpoint Guide

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02.18.2012 , 01:40 PM | #1
This guide was initially written for my guild for new people or members who wanted a refresher course. I thought I would post it here in-case it might help people out, it details tactics that can be employed when dealing with various hardmode flashpoint bosses. This guide doesn't claim to be 100% accurate or the "right" way, but tactics that seem to work for us.

*SPOLIERS* This guide contains spoilers, so if you'd rather find out how things work for yourself READ NO FURTHER. For others, I hope it will help.

The Esseles

Lieutenant Isric

Have your tank pull the boss out of the doorway a little bit and face him away from the party if possible. He will summon adds regularly that will need to be taken down as soon as possible. He does have the occasional knockback ability but this isn't usually a problem. As usual any ability that can be interrupted should be. Not much more to this fight than tank and spank.


​This can be the most challenging boss of the hardmode. Go up the stairs on the right (or left) and stand with your back towards the window, also spread out a bit. Have your tank pull the boss by jumping up onto the console and then going to the left so that Ironfist comes fully up the stairs. You can then start to dps. The key to this fight is interrupting his "Headshot" ability, he will do this throughout the fight and it MUST be interrupted otherwise it deals huge amounts of damage, I suggest having some kind of rotation on interrupts. His other ability is "Missile Salvo", a channelled AoE ability which the healer simply must heal through. After his missile salvo he usually follows up with a headshot, so be aware of that. At some point in the fight he summons adds, but since you're up the stairs they won't attack you and can be dealt with later on. His only other ability of significance is a knockback, but since your back will be towards the window this can be ignored.

ISS-7 Guardian Battledroid

Pull this boss down the steps and fight in that area since he has a knockback ability that can knock you off the edges of the platform he's standing on. He doesn't have any other ability of significance and is pretty much a tank and spank fight.

ISS-994 Power Droid

This optional boss can do some heavy damage to melee. At certain points throughout the fight he will have a big red circle underneath his feet and he will target a random party member to run after, this person should stay at ranged from him until it vanishes. He is very slow so this shouldn't be a problem. In a nushell, attack this boss from ranged and don't get to close and he should be toast.


The final boss of the esseles. When you engage him dps down his adds as soon as possible, then focus fire on Vokk. The key to this fight is avoiding his "Lightning Storm" ability. When he does this he will put a purple circle underneath a random party members feet, you must get out of this circle as soon as possible otherwise you will take heavy damage. The best way I found to do this is as soon as you see the circle strafe left or right (using the Q and/or E keys usually) and then jump. His other ability of significance is his "Double Saber Toss", he targets a random party member and tosses his saber at them dealing moderate damage, this needs to be healed by healer. Sometimes this bugs and he can crit a member for more than 100% of their health, there is nothing you can do about this hopefully it will be fixed in the future. Once this boss is down you have successfully completed The Esseles, gratz!

The False Emperor

Tregg The Destroyer

This boss appears on a bridge with 2 adds, have ranged take the adds out as soon as possible while the tank pulls him off the bridge and fight him in that area. This is due to his knockback ability which can knock you off the bridge. During the fight he will jump at a random party member and swipe at them he will then cast "Whirlwind Slash", when he does this melee or whoever is next to him should run away as it deals a lot of damage. You can clearly see when he does this attack since it glows red/orange. This is pretty much a tank and spank fight.

Jindo Krey

This boss appears on a raised platform with click-able turret controls all along the left side. There are 3 turret controls, one left, middle and one to the right. The only turret that should be used is the middle turret, I don't know if this is a mechanic of the fight but if you try to use the others it seems to bug. Assign two dps to click on the middle turret control, you will need two as Jindo has a gapple ability that can pull one random person back from the controls. When you engage Jindo from the start of the fight your two turret controllers should go to the middle turret immediately and try to click on it, this will shoot missiles at the ship near by and make it back off for around 25seconds. When the ship is further back red circles will appear on the ground that should be avoided, during this time dps the boss as much as possible. He also has a few abilities that should be interrupted, when they are interrupted the fight becomes considerably easier. Your two designated turret controllers should be keeping an eye out for when the ship comes closer, when it does they should aim for the middle turret controller and click on it again. Eventually the ship will be damaged beyond repair and fall out of the sky, when this happens you can focus fire on the boss and forget about the turrets.

Prototype A-14 & B-16

Have your tank go in and pick them both up, one of them will turn blue and place a big blue circle on the ground. Basically have your tank drag the non-blue (attack-able) one outside of the blue circle while everyone else stay inside it and nuke it. At some point during the fight they will switch and the tank should then pickup the other one etc... basically rinse and repeat until both are dead. It's worth noting that you can have everyone inside the blue circle (even the tank) and just nuke the non-blue one down, it does get slightly healed then but nothing to worry about as long as the dps is fairly decent.


First have your tank turn the boss away from the rest of the party as he does a rain of bullets ability which can cause some moderate damage. At random times throughout the fight you will get blue circles underneath your feet, when this happens wait until they turn red and then move out of them. HK-47 can also grapple you, if this happens just run away. At 50% (or lower) health he will stealth, come out of it and stand by a random party member then go back into stealth and attempt to one shot them. Simply AoE around the person he stood by and you should be fine. The only other mechanic of the fight is two turrets will spawn with shields on them, you can ignore these and destroy them when HK-47 is dead. In order to remove the shields though it is helpful to put a blue circle underneath each one when you can as when it turns red the shield will be destroyed, if this is not possible simply melee them until the shield disappears and then nuke them down.

Darth Malgus

The final boss of the flashpoint is actually quite easy but has a lot of gimmicks that can seem confusing at first. Make sure before you start the fight you pick-up the grenades in the caches outside his throne, you'll need them later on. First have your tank fight him towards the bottom of the stairs with his back towards the stairs, this is because of a massive knockback ability he has. Ranged should also fight him with their backs towards the stairs, I suggest tank right side and ranged left. At random times during the fight he will force choke the entire party except one member who must face Malgus alone for about 10-15seconds. During this time Malgus will do low to moderate damage to the person targeted, when the party is released have the healer top off this person. At two points during the fight, usually when his health is below 50%, he will cast "unlimited power" this MUST be interrupted otherwise it will result in a wipe. When his health reaches 20-15% have the tank start kitting him towards a ledge, it helps if the tank keeps in mind to keep his back towards a pillar along the platform to avoid knockback. When Malgus's health reaches 10-7% (or below) he will start to cast force lightning, as soon as he does this use your grenades or any knockback abilities you have because he can't be damaged. You need two knockbacks in quick timing to push him off the ledge, so say "GO" in chat or call it out on vent. When he is knocked off the ledge you have completed the flashpoint, well done!!

Maelstrom Prison

X-37 Oppressor Droid

The main mechanic of this fight is the droids ability to pull you into him followed by an explosion which does a huge amount of damage, he will also knockback the tank leaving the droid a chance to attack other players. Have the tank him where he stands and turn him away from the party if possible while all ranged stack up underneath him. When he does his explosion have the healer use AoE healing, trying to get everyone in the parties health near to 100% as possible. Party members should be doing all they can (bubbles, damage mitigation abilities, medpacs etc...) to survive before and after the explosion. Burn him down as quickly as possible, he doesn't have much health so should go down fast. Another possible way to kill him is to have the ranged at max range whilst DPS'ing, this can sometimes prevent the droid from pulling you in, if he does try and get away as fast as possible (sprint etc..).

Colonel Daksh

This boss starts off with two adds which should be burned down as quickly as possible before focusing on the boss. Daksh will sometimes grapple you, if this happens run through his legs or run away from him. You will notice two crates that appear to the left and right of the room, when you see the message that Daksh is charging his optical implants ranged and the tank should use the crates to line of site the boss. I suggest ranged use the right crates while tank uses the left. During this time he should be chasing the tank that MUST remain out of line of site from the boss and not attack him. The ranged can DPS him but must not over aggro, so use light DPS and your threat reducing abilities if you have them. If someone over-aggros he will target them and one shot them, this mostly results in a wipe. Once you get the message that his optical implants have run out, the tank and ranged can safely DPS him again. Interrupt any of Daksh's abilities that you can and rinse and repeat until Daksh is dead.

Lord Vanithrast

​This is pretty much a tank and spank fight. Focus fire on the Lord first and take out his add once he is dead. The Lord will sometimes do an AoE spinning attack, make sure the tank and ranged move out of this. He will also stealth, make sure the tank picks him up as soon as possible after it. Burn them both down and you're done.

Lord Kancras

Very simple mini-boss. Basically tank and spank except that he will periodically spawn adds that should be burned down quickly, before focus fire on the boss.

Grand Moff Kilran

​The final boss of this flashpoint. He will initially have two adds which should be killed before focusing on Kilran himself. Early on the fight he will push back all players, slow them and take a snipers position at the end of the corridor. You must use the pillars to the left or right (decide before hand, I suggest left) to line of site the boss so that he can't take a shot at you, any shot will cause a large amount of damage. During this time you should be making your way towards the boss, he will summon some adds which should be quickly burned down before resuming your course towards the boss. Have the tank pick him up when he gets near him and unload as much DPS as possible. He will do this one more time, and take a snipers position all the way up the stairs and to the far left of that corridor. There is a crate there which all party members should be aiming to get behind, once again burn down any adds that appear. Once you make it up close and personal to Kilran this time, DPS him down to avoid the enrage timer. Congratulations, you have just completed the flashpoint!!

Taral V

Before attempting this flashpoint it's worth noting that you should complete all the bonus missions. This is not only so you can face the bonus boss, but it makes the last boss encounter somewhat easier.

Handler Gattan

The first boss of this flashpoint comes with two adds, both (or at least one) should be CC'd and focus fire on the boss. Once the boss is down keep one add CC'd while you kill the other one, and then finally the last one. The adds don't seem to have any aggro table and do have lots of health but don't do high amounts of damage. That's pretty much all there is to this fight.

Captain Shivanak

Shivanak will spawn an add, Ripper, early on in the fight that can't be taunted. If you kill Shivanak before the add, the add enrages dealing quite a bit of damage. Because of this you should try and dps the boss and his add down at the same time keeping their health levels to the same percentage as possible. Ideally they will then go down within seconds of each other. Having said all that we usually kill the boss first and then burn down the add last, even though he enrages our healers seem to be able to heal through the damage.

Doctor Zharen

​The Dr will smash the blue tanks around him and put a shield on himself as well as spawn adds. Burn down the adds as quickly as possible and then focus fire on the boss, he will do this throughout the fight. He will also but a red circle on the ground at various points, move out of this as quick as possible. He has no other mechanics of note, simply burn him down.

Lord Hasper (Bonus Boss)

This will be arguably the hardest boss of Taral V. The main mechanic of this boss is a grapple he has which will pull the whole party to him and then do some AoE force lightning which does devastating damage. You can't seem to run away from this damage either, even when using abilities such as sprint etc... Because of this it's best that none of us, except the tank, gets pulled in towards Hasper. In order to stop his grapple we will have to line of site the boss. Outside the building he is located in there are two long red flags to the left and the right, there is a little gap between the flag and the wall which all the ranged should hide behind. Have the tank pull Hasper to a position opposite the gap so that the healer can heal the tank, and ranged can DPS the boss. When Hasper use his grapple ability on the tank and executes his AoE lightning, the healer should lay some heavy heals on the tank. As always, interrupt any ability you can and burn him down as quickly as possible.


​This boss has lots of AoE splash damage so it's important to keep spread out during the fight. Tank him where he stands and face him away from the rest of the party. At certain periods during the fight he will put red circles under random members feet, move out of this as soon as possible... the red circle will turn blue and a reign of bolts will fall from the sky so it's important that nobody moves back into that area until it's over. He also has a single target focus damage ability which should be interrupted. There are no other mechanics of note to this boss and he should go down fairly easily.

General Edikar

The big dog and final boss of Taral V, General Edikar. You will notice as you enter his chamber he is surrounded by four turrets, you should use the experimental weapons console to destroy two of the turrets and dps down the other two before focusing on the boss. If you didn't do the bonus missions you will have to take out all four turrets before boss which makes the fight quite harder. At 75%, 50% and 25% health he will summon four droid adds, at least one of them should be CC'd while you focus fire on the others, taking them down as quickly as possible. During some of this time Edikar will not attack you, but on the last add have the tank go back on the boss and then ranged quickly burn it down before resuming focus on the boss. When Edikar casts "Full Auto" or "Hail of Bolts" they both need to be interrupted otherwise the party will take extra damage. It's worth noting that Hail of Bolts will look like it's still casting even after it's been interrupted so don't worry about that. Because of his strict enrage timer you might consider CC'ing the third wave of adds, or ignoring them completely, and burning the boss down until he's dead. Once he is down you have completed Taral V!!, make yourself a nice cup of tea... you've earned it!!

Battle of Ilum

Gark the Indomitable

Have the tank turn the boss away from the party. Interrupt his abilities "Hail of Bolts" and "Concussive Shot" whenever you can. At various points throughout the fight he will spawn adds, these need to be taken down quickly. That's pretty much all there is to this fight.

Velasu Graege & Drinda-Zel

​This is pretty much a tank and spank fight. Have the tank pick both bosses up and then drag Drinda-Zel away from Velasu. Burn down Drinda as fast as possible and then focus fire on Velasu. At a certain point during the fight four turrets will spawn, you should destroy them all, they don't have much health and will go down quickly. Once they are down kill Velasu and you're done.

​Krel Thak

This boss will probably be your most challenging encounter of the flashpoint. Have the party spread out somewhat during this fight as Krel has a nasty AoE bomb that can do a large amount of damage if you're all grouped up. Initially he has two adds which you should burn down quickly before attacking the boss. At certain periods during the fight he will stun the party, put up a shield and summon adds, in that sequence. When Krel has his shield up he can't be attacked so have the tank step away from him and try to gather up all the adds. It's VITAL that the adds are nuked down as quickly as possible because although they don't have much health, they hit like a truck... so do as much AoE damage as you can is the order of the day. Once the adds are down the tank and ranged can resume dps'ing Krel. This boss has a strict enrage timer so try and lay some heavy dps on him when you can. It's worth noting that when Krel stuns the party, it's possible to break out of it using any break stun abilities you have and then interrupt him casting his shield, you might do this to gain some extra dps time on him. Rinse and repeat until Krel is dead.

Commander Folek

​This boss is surrounded by adds, crowd control as many as possible and focus fire on the boss. If this is not possible kill the medic first and then burn down the others. The boss himself is tank and spank.

Darth Serevin

​The final boss of this flashpoint encounter. First burn down his add "Quenith Li" before you attack the boss. Periodically Darth will grab some crystals shards from the nearby crates and target a random party member with them causing moderate damage. Most of this damage can be negated by using your damage mitigation abilities (bubbles etc...) but the healer should top off this person if needed. At certain points during the fight Darth will also stealth and then re-appear by a random person, stun them and then hit them with lightning, have your tank taunt Darth back when this happens. You can also try to bring him out of stealth by using an AoE ability, as this may stop the stun and lightning on a random party member. Apart from these mechanics interrupt any abilities you can and burn him down. When he's dead you have successfully completed the flashpoint!!, gratz.

Directive 7


Very simple fight. Have the tank him where he stands. Two turrets will pop up to the left of Detector which should be dps'd down, interrupt any of the turrets abilities. Then focus fire on the boss, he has no abilities of note except "Reconstruct" which is channelled healing ability, this should be interrupted whenever you see the droid cast it.

Mentor Assassin Droids

Two of the driods will have a shield up at any one time. The tank and dps need to be simply focus fire on the drioid with no shield. During the fight they will periodically switch, in which case so should the rest of the party to the drioid with no shield. Be careful not to attack a droid with a shield up as all damage will be reflected back to you. DPS them down one by one until all of the droids are dead.


​Have the tank fight him where he stands. You will notice two "chambers" by the left and right of the droid. Interrogator will attempt to "clone" a party member (a class) at certain points during the fight at which point he will put up a shield making him invulnerable to damage. They should be killed as soon as possible by all party members before resuming dps on the boss. This repeats throughout the fight until Interrogator is dead.


When you enter Bulwarks chamber you will notice he is standing inside of a thick yellow/greenish marker/line on the floor. The whole party needs to stay within that area for the fight duration because if you go outside of it into the hallway he can one shot you. To the left and right of Bulwark are small panels on the wall which you will be able to click on, they need to be clicked on and destroyed because during the fight Bulwark will put up a massive green shield which makes him invulnerable to all damage, clicking on these panels allow you to destroy the shield. Have the tank fight Bulwark where he stands and turn him towards the left/inside back wall. Split your party into two, so that you have at least one person near each panel, ideally these should be ranged DPS. The people assigned to the panels should have their backs right up next to it, this achieves two things, firstly you don't take hardly any damage from Bulwark when you do this and secondly all you have to do is turn around and click on the panels to break them. When Bulwarks emotes "Defensive Protocols Have Been Engaged" that is the cue for the assigned panel breakers to click on the panels. Once the panels are broken Bulwark will summon two repair droids which will attempt to fix them, ignore these droids, let them fix the panels and keep dps'ing the boss. These droids will vanish before the next waves are summoned so any time spent CC'ing them or killing them is a DPS loss on the boss which has an enrage timer. None of Bulwarks abilities can be interrupted so it's a simple case of rinse and repeat until Bulwark is dead.


This boss is pretty similar to the "Detector" boss you faced. Two turrets will spawn to the left of him which you need to burn down. These turrets have a "configuring repair mode" ability which must be interrupted otherwise they will heal themselves for a lot of health. The turrets also have a "Charge" ability which can do a fair amount of damage to a random party member, the turrets can be taunted so have the tank do this during charge to avoid extra damage to other party members. When the turrets are destroyed focus fire on the boss, he is pretty much tank and spank but as always interrupt any ability you can.


Mentor is the last boss in Directive 7, you can think of it as a super-computer hell bent on destroying "organics". This fight has many significant mechanics which might seem confusing at first, but is actually quite simple once you have them down. Before you can even dps Mentor you have to destroy four cores that are in each corner of the room, you can bring up your map to see where they are located. First have someone assigned to destroy these cores when they can, ideally this should be an off-tank but if not a ranged DPS can work. The first mechanic is a floating droid called "Claw", it will appear throughout the whole fight and randomly target someone to chase (usually the healer), stay out of the red circle it puts on the ground. The second mechanic you have to deal with are two large turrets to the left and right of Mentor. Decide which one to DPS beforehand and everyone (including the tank) should destroy it before moving onto the other one. Since you don't want to get shot at by the other turret while DPS'ing the one you're on line of site it by hiding behind the side walls, this will minimize damage and make it easier on the healer. The turrets have some abilities which should also be interrupted. Once both turrets are down an emote will appear "DANGER Processor # has overheated", as soon as this appears have your designated core dps'er to run to the numbered core and destroy it, they can do this by destroying the two small turrets protecting it and clicking on the core itself. This needs to be done quickly otherwise it will change back to normal. Another mechanic of the fight will then appear in the form of a "core guardian droid", have the tank pick him up and DPS it down, interrupting all the abilities you can. While this is happening large green circles will appear on the ground which you must move out of or be hit by a missile. When the core guardian is down another core will be overheated which again must be destroyed by your assigned person. The sequence then repeats itself until all four cores have been destroyed. When the cores are no more you can then DPS Mentor itself, he puts a laser beam on a random member which hurts a lot so the healer must remember to chain heal or put some heavy heals on this party member. Stay somewhat spread out during this end phase and avoid the large green circles. Mentor does not have too much health and goes down pretty quickly. When destroyed you have completed Directive 7, very well done!!

Kaon Under Siege

​Before I explain tactics for the bosses in this HM, it's worth going over some basic things you need to know about the normal mobs as they can be tricky for melee and casters. These tips should help you out dealing with the certain types of mobs you will face there:

Bloated Plaguebringer - This mob will get a green buff at around 5% health, stop moving and radiate some green smoke. You have a few seconds to move away when this happens, so melee and any close dps should move away because he will explode, knocking you back and you will also take heavy damage. Don't try to dps him down once he has this green buff because he becomes immune to damage.

Infected Hunter - These mobs will jump at a random player to stun them, this also resets aggro so make sure the tank picks him back up. The player being jumped will take a good chunk of damage so the healer should heal this person back up.

Infected Mercenary - This type of mob will use an ability called "constrict" which is a channelled stun, it can also grapple some players and pull them close. The stun can and should be interrupted as soon as possible, or if you're the one being stunned you can use any ability you have to get out of it.

​Infected Screamer - This mob has a knockback and does moderate to heavy damage. Make sure the party positions themselves when fighting these mobs so that they don't get knocked into other mobs.

​The way we usually deal with the mobs is to take out the infected mercs first, followed by the screamers and then hunters. The plaugebringers we usually kill last as the other mobs usually prevent us from running away from this mob when we need to.

First "Boss" Encounter

This is more of an event than a boss, but it still rewards epic gear as loot. You should notice a chest that is click-able and a turret. Have someone assigned to go on the turret, and someone to click on the chest. Once someone hops on the turret and someone clicks the chest the event will begin. The main job of the person on the turret is to rotate it left and right and point it at the normal mobs that come from those directions. You don't have to click on anything for the turret to fire, merely aim it in the right direction of the in-coming mobs and it will fire at them, try and be as accurate as you can though. To rotate the turret left and right it is recommended you use the "A" and "D" keys instead of the mouse as accidentally clicking on the turret will cause you to dismount. While all this is happening strong, and the occasional elite, mobs will appear. These should be taken taunted by your tank and burned down by your DPS. The ones you have to watch out for are the bloated plaugebringers, as these explode they should be tanked towards the back of the room and not by the person on the turret. This event continues for about 4-5minutes, after that time you can collect your loot.

​Rakghoul Behemoth

The second boss looks big and scary but is quite easy once you have the tactics down. Around the four corners of the room are barrels which when exploded near the boss will cause him to have a burning debuff. This debuff increases damage done against him and will allow you to get him down much quicker. Have your tank kite the boss to these four barrels in a clockwise (or anti-clockwise) path and have dps explode the barrel when the boss is near it. The barrels will respawn so you should never run out of barrels to destroy. When you see the emote that the boss is in a frenzy try and stay away from the boss as much as possible. There are no other significant mechanic of this boss, simply DPS when he's on fire and get him down as quick as you can.

KR-82 Expulser (Bonus Boss)

This optional bonus boss will probably be your most difficult encounter. Unless you have high dps and your healer is very good you will have trouble getting it down simply due to the amount of splash damage the boss has plus the adds he spawns hit very heavy. Because of this our recommended tactic is to group up in the room you killed the Behemoth in and pull the boss back there. This allows you to almost constantly DPS him down before the adds arrive. In the Behemoth room you will notice a circular area and passed that a statue, I recommend having the tank or DPS with the sprint ability pull the boss to behind the statue. Then simply DPS KR-82 down before the adds arrive, once they do they usually wipe the group but you can still collect the boss loot on re-entering the flashpoint.

Commander Lk'graagth

​The final boss encounter in Kaon Under Siege. The boss will be surrounded by two adds G'Klarg and Chak'aghakh both of which cannot be taunted by the tank. The commander will order one of them to attack a random party member, this person needs to be healed through the moderate damage. Focus DPS on the Commander from the start and get him down first followed by G'Klarg and lastly Chak'aghakh. You can probably do it in a different order but this seems to work fine for us. Once the commander is down at certain points normal adds will be summoned, when this happens it's best to group up and AoE them down as quickly as possible. Once the Commanders goons are dead you have finished the flashpoint, have a cookie!!!!

This completes this post for now, more tactics will be written when new content is available.

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02.18.2012 , 03:55 PM | #2
As someone just getting started with HM Flashpoints, there's a lot of helpful information here! As you said, there are surely multiple ways of approaching these boss fights, but it's nice to have some of the fundamentals gathered together in one place. Great job!
Quote: Originally Posted by battlebug View Post
can you make sword in box light sword so sword come out when opened? then if sword is back after sword, use light saber on box, and saber will be boxed after sword is out.

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02.25.2012 , 01:45 PM | #3
awesome thread helped alot on my fp on taral five!!!!

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02.27.2012 , 11:45 AM | #4
Thanks for the positive feedback guys, as long as it can help some people it was worth posting it!

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02.27.2012 , 01:07 PM | #5
Your time and effort are greatly appreciated, thank you.

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03.17.2012 , 06:25 AM | #6
Very much appreciated for your time and effort to help others.

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03.17.2012 , 08:43 AM | #7
Cool guide. I see you also use the "pull it out to avoid adds" tactics on the Kaon bonus boss - which is why one of the patch notes for 1.2 was baffling to me:

"The health of KR-82 Expulser's probe droids has been increased significantly."

Erm, why? That's a fight bordering on the impossible as it is if you try to do it the proper way; if you have, say, a Shadow and a Guardian as DPS (no in-combat CC, in other words, apart from the healer's) then it's literally impossible. If there was one fight that needed no buff to its difficulty, that was it. Adds have this habit of wiping the group even if they only get to it AFTER the boss is down...

Buffing the Malgus fight, on the other hand, would be a good idea imho: the False Emperor is such a disappointing wuss.

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03.17.2012 , 03:43 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Siorac View Post
Cool guide. I see you also use the "pull it out to avoid adds" tactics on the Kaon bonus boss - which is why one of the patch notes for 1.2 was baffling to me:

"The health of KR-82 Expulser's probe droids has been increased significantly."

Erm, why? That's a fight bordering on the impossible as it is if you try to do it the proper way; if you have, say, a Shadow and a Guardian as DPS (no in-combat CC, in other words, apart from the healer's) then it's literally impossible. If there was one fight that needed no buff to its difficulty, that was it. Adds have this habit of wiping the group even if they only get to it AFTER the boss is down...

Buffing the Malgus fight, on the other hand, would be a good idea imho: the False Emperor is such a disappointing wuss.
lol yes I noticed this too in the patch notes and it was my thoughts excatly, if anything the fight needs to be tuned down a bit, it's very hard on healers as it is... glad u enjoyed the guide though