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Tankassin, Absorption rate or Defense rate?

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Tankassin, Absorption rate or Defense rate?

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03.17.2012 , 12:46 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by theonepanda View Post
Until there is proof that there actually exist diminishing returns, there is absolutely no reason to have a spread of stats. In fact the more of a stat you gain, the better it becomes to gain it.
There are infact diminishing returns and a soft/hard caps for all mitigation stats. The "proof" is in the formula's, that the dev's posted during beta as well as a number of documented tests done by players.

Here is a graph
(This is befor talents are taken into account)
Note: its out of date, the formula for surge rating has been changed IE Nerfed.

Shield absorb is the most effect stat to stack by % gains, However its bypassed by all tech/force attacks (pretty much every non-"auto attack" ability a npc uses), and is determined by shield chance as to if it will even mitigate at all. So with that in mind defense has the highest overall mitigation returns up until the 500 - 800 rating range.