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The truth about Marauders

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03.15.2012 , 12:45 PM | #31
Make sure your bleeds get priority. Hit deadly saber on CD along with berserk. It's surprising how few anni marauders actually use berserk on CD.

Also, deadly saber doesn't trigger a GCD so use it mid-air in a charge, battering assault for rage, rupture, annihilate. That takes everything but a bodyguarded target down to at most half their HP for me. Usually I refresh my rupture on my target and choke them at this point. It gets them very low. I'm valor 62 with BM mainhand, chest, implants, and ear.

Also, anytime I think I MIGHT take a little damage, I pop cloak of pain. Also, if I'm about to die, vanish. If you are experiencing a lot of deaths, you obviously won't be doing much damage.

You've got to be doing something wrong though.. my first game back after a month of not playing (school picked up and I bought some console games I had to kill), I did 415k with 98k heals in a huttball. No PvE gear, no stacking the perfect mods/enhancements on my gear - I just use the marauder PvP gear as it is.

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03.15.2012 , 10:51 PM | #32
Marauders are fine, you really gotta bust *** to keep everything maximized and keep time on your target..

All Cent gear minus Chest/Head/Relics/OH

3 more lvl's till BM

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03.16.2012 , 04:09 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by idrik View Post
Payback isn't worth the points it takes to get up to it, those points could be spent better elsewhere which is the point he was making.
A 2.5k heal is really negligible in the long run, one that you can only use it if you're cc'ed and it's once every 2 minutes vs something that will give you a much more consistent benefit.
I dunno, I used to pvp in my PvE spec which takes the points in carnage, and I switched to's been helping me a lot. But idk I may not notice aoe damage as much because I'm always with a good healer, and the only time I notice payback is when I'm carrying the ball and it saves my *** with a crit heal ;P

To each their own, I guess. I like both styles, but prefer the healing medal+small heal at the moment. I don't mind being able to use 1-2 extra force chokes per match,as well.

Quote: Originally Posted by Bamfu View Post
Make sure your bleeds get priority. Hit deadly saber on CD along with berserk. It's surprising how few anni marauders actually use berserk on CD.
Using berserk "on cd" is a waste. Using berserk whenever your bleeds are up and you don't need a speed boost, would be a more correct statement ;P
Darth Mado vas Nightfall 50 marauder Ven Zallow

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03.16.2012 , 05:19 AM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by WNxAbaddon View Post the picture is around the dps i do kills deaths ect
Hi abaddon, i couldn't help but notice from this pic that you might actually be suffering from play style more then anything.
I see you don't have any key bound in your interface and are using the default frames, have you considered switching up to keybind/macro play?
Alot of people don't realize the power in using keybinds over clicking, or at least optimizing keybinds from 1-10 to using the qertfg key..etc

would suggest you look into this, it can really help.

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03.16.2012 , 02:06 PM | #35
Tbh. The problem is that most people dont realise that 300k ish dmg in a WZ is fine.

In Annihilation our AoE sucks. Smash is every 12 second, and the damage is meh.

Which means the dmg we end up with on the scoreboard, is almost pure single target damage, and people whine when other classes are above us in damage. Dude. They AoE like crazy. Even the other 2 melee class's have way way better AoE than is. (Operative, orbital strike....hello ???)

When Marauder is played correctly they are absolute beasts. When followed by a healer they are monsters. When 2 marauders team up, and are followed by a healer...They can win a Voidstar just the three of them. Especially if one of them is Rage, and the other Anni, omg that is so insane

Marauders are one of the absolute best dps in the game. Much better than the other easy played classes. (1 Button spam i win mercs )

In PvP we of cause have the normal disadvantage of being melee instead of ranged, like in every other MMO, but it can be managed, smart ranged players should kite us like hell, i just love it when a sniper just stands still behind their cover, and lets us do our entire cast time of Ravage without interrupting us.

In PvE end game, where on some boss's we have full uptime, now thats a hole other story. Here no other class can match us.

When we raid Infernal Council (Boos encounter where each raid member has to kill their own boss) on nightmare, the rest of the DPS in my guild does not even come close to killing their boss as fast as me, and i am NOT one of our best players. Our operative is always like 40% HP behind me, i make fun of his squishy class, with crappy PvE dps all the time

I really do hope damage meters come out, so we can prove to everyone how awesome marauders is, on the other hand, we are so getting nerfed if damage meters comes :/

Oh yeah, and for the love of god mate. Use keybinds. Example:

I average 250-400k dmg a WZ. And remember, this is pure single target damage.

And im using rakata gear, which is as of this writing moment 1829 strength, and 20046 HP. I probably have about 400 strength more than you, if youre full champ. Now hopefully i dont have to explain to you what 400 strength does to our damage.

Strength > Expertise


On my screenshot you can see 1-8 is binded more than once, the reason for this is that 1-8 on the left action bar is actually numpad 1-8 which i have macroed to one of my mouse buttons through logitech software, that also helps like a lot.
Now that mate, is the truth about marauders!
Prosyrir - 50 - Marauder - Ace Of Danes - The Red Eclipse
Prosyri - 50 - Sorcerer - Ace Of Danes - The Red Eclipse

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03.16.2012 , 04:53 PM | #36
Ok, so to preface this, I didn't read every reply, so if someone covered it better, apologies.

First, looking at your spec, you're missing the reduced CD on Obfuscate and our interrupt. Against healers in particular, but any class with a hard cast (TRACER MISSILE!!derp!11!) this talent is absolutely magical. Coupled with the reduced CD on charge, you have a 6 second interrupt with a 4 second lockout, and a 12 second interrupt/gap closer. Also, the runspeed increase to predation is something I simply won't go without, ball carrying, switching nodes, streaking ahead to open the bridge before they can muster a defense, gap closing, it simply rules.

Ok, so on to combat. I saw some people mention it, but Deadly Saber is off the GCD, it should be primed WHILE you're leaping to your target. Land, Battering->Leg Slash->Rupture. This is my opening because I don't take Seeping Wounds, it's 2 points for a weaker snare that lasts like 1/3rd the duration. It's not worth it, not when you have a 1 rage, spammable, 50% snare. Ok, so now they're snared, have 3 stack of deadly and rupture running, you're in a good spot.

Things to think about: if you have a 3stack and rupture running, choke that pub nub, choke+deadly+rupture is a lot of dmg to eat while CCed, and since they're not damaging you you can regen a good chunk of hp, depending on crits. With short fuse and defensive forms, if you're getting hit, you only need ~6 rage consuming abilities to get a full stack of fury. That happens FAST! Pop berserk as often as it lights up.

If you can initiate combat without charging, absolutely do so! Against sages and troopers in particular, this essentially makes it your fight to lose. The only way they're getting you off them is knockback, to which you respond with charge, and now you have plenty of contact time to tear him down.

My arch enemies are tank build assassins, I've found that the only way to beat them is to prevent their force lightnings/telekinetic throws from ticking the full duration. Since it is uninterruptable due to the stacking talent, you have to CC them. As soon as I see one start channeling, I choke, fight continues, he builds stacks, starts channeling, force camo, repeat, intim shout. If they aren't dead by this point, they outgear you crazy style, or have heals, and why are you 2v1ing a tank assassin with a healer in the first place.

Hope this helps a little.

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03.16.2012 , 05:19 PM | #37
A lot of people don't understand difference between annihilation single target damage when you kill people and, for example, rage smashes damage (pick any aoe dps) when you *** on numbers.

It all goes to killing blows, having 300k dmg and 15 killing blows is way to better then having 500k dmg and 6 killing blows.
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03.17.2012 , 04:03 AM | #38
Quote: Originally Posted by VictorLototskyy View Post
A lot of people don't understand difference between annihilation single target damage when you kill people and, for example, rage smashes damage (pick any aoe dps) when you *** on numbers.

It all goes to killing blows, having 300k dmg and 15 killing blows is way to better then having 500k dmg and 6 killing blows.
Not true, the purpose of annihilation is different from rage. Ideally you want to have a marauder of each spec (even though I hate rage, but that's why we have another marauder who likes it).

Annihilation serves as 1v1 constant threat of death role.

Rage serves an aoe *****torm of occupying their healers role.

Against a premade, an anni marauder would sit on the healer while a rage marauder does aoe damage to all of his teammates, giving you valuable time to burst down a target because their healer is busy keeping 2+ people alive while getting interrupted/pounded on him/herself.

People let the end-game scoreboard dictate the way they play way too much. But that is the way of the epeen. I've seen sorcs get 800k+ healing by standing in fire. Doesn't mean he contributed to the team much, does it? But he'll still get mvp medals because he's on teh scoreboard.
Darth Mado vas Nightfall 50 marauder Ven Zallow

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03.17.2012 , 04:05 AM | #39
is this sarcasm?

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03.17.2012 , 11:17 AM | #40
Quote: Originally Posted by WNxAbaddon View Post
Thanks idrik for the replay.

No am in full champ gear O_0 as for a vid I wouldnt know were to start tbh I got fraps tho if someone is willing to help me get it set up then ill post a vid. the picture is around the dps i do kills deaths ect

My build
I knew before i opened the screenshot link what I would see.

You're a clicker. You are so far behind keybinders and will never even come close to the potential of any class as long as you click abilities.
"I'm a Marauder, thus I will destroy you"