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A genuine question about the server status

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A genuine question about the server status

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12.16.2011 , 05:13 AM | #1
OK, so I've not read all the forums, since threads get buried so quickly (and the trolling), but are the guilds all on one server?

Also, with the launch, will there be enough room?

I've made a toon and only been able to play for about 2 hours on it. The server was full last night, with a 45 minute wait, so I made a new toon on another server, only to find the same problem after a while.

I'm not planning on joining any guilds, I just wanna play the game. If there are servers that are going to be 'guild aimed', I'll stay off them.

But I'm also worried that if I make a toon on any server, I'll not be able to play them any time I would like.

Please keep the flaming to a minimum, I'm just someone who's been looking forward to this game for over 4 years and just wanna play it!
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