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guilds first HM raid

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03.16.2012 , 12:48 PM | #11
RNG is RNG. It's not the best way to have gear progression but it's not secretly trying to rip you off either.

It's been about a month and a half of Ops farming and my guild has seen everything drop. Doesn't mean the right person was around at the time to actually use it but different stuff is dropping. We took in a new trooper one weekend, cleared both HM EV and KP, and everything Rakata dropped for him in those two nights. I on the other hand, had been on all the raids since we started and only have 2 pieces. It sucked! But, the next weekend rolled around and everything was dropping for me.

I hope I can say this without being banned...but knowing the basics of how RNG works will give you a greater perspective of how "random" events and their outcomes (gear drops) happen. You can't necessarily abuse it, but you can to a minimal extent, attempt to get a variety of stuff to drop.
No flames are necessary, you are already roasting in the fires of your own stupidity.