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help with group loot

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03.15.2012 , 09:10 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Havokk View Post
I think Ayouman'spost deserved it.

Let me highlight the importnat word in your post: "almost". That is the point I am making. The common usage of "need/greed" is just that - a common usage, not a universal usage.

There are a few groups (yes, mine included) that allow Need for Companions. If you go into such a group assuming that Need is not for Companions, then there will be trouble.

That's my point. Each group decides its own use of the Need/Greed tool. If no-one in the group has said the rules then ask! Don't assume. Don't believe posters on forums who say there is only one way.

As for your "very rarely" comment, that is different to my experience, which is partly why I'm making this post.
Based on your own words you know that you are in a small minority. I'm sure people do get bent out of shape when you don't tell them that you are using non standard rules. If you are not using the normal rules you absolutely need to tell your party members when they join your group. Since you are the deviant you need to let people know your intentions not the other way around.