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(L,F&E #5) Confrontation

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12.16.2011 , 04:34 AM | #1
Jedi master Jina sat at her control station and tried not to fret. It had been an uneventful trip. The Hok’lan class shuttle, while small and cramped, boasted a powerful hyperdrive, which was why they had purchased it in the first place when their previous ship had suffered a catastrophic failure upon landing on Tattooine. She had been pondering Nia’s words for the entire trip. She had also been combing her own memories of that horrible time, ten standard years before. She could not reconcile the man she had known, the soldier, with the hard eyed killer who had gunned Bjorn down without hesitation. Will had gone out of his way to avoid harming children on his missions, sometimes to the point of abandoning the initial objectives and creating new ones on the fly. Infuriating as it was for his commanders, Jina and the rest of the Jedi had seen it was a sign that the man was trying to be humane. In many ways that had reassured her, and she had needed reassurance when the Sith returned. She sat, thinking hard and she did not like where some of her thoughts were taking her. A beep sounded on her console and she smiled. Almost home. She reached for her controls and as the counter scrolled down, dropped the shuttle smoothly out of hyperspace. Almost immediately her comlink lit up.

“Unidentified shuttle, this is the Republic cruiser Hawthorne. You are violating restricted space. Identify yourself immediately.” She smiled again, and then sobered. She reached for her controls again, and then heard a low groan. She turned her head and smiled as Bjorn sat up for the first time in eight days. She saw recognition in his eyes. His voice was low, but gained strength as he spoke.

“We made it?” She grinned at his almost hesitant tone.

“Yes we did. Check on Nia, I need to talk to the guard ship.” He nodded, stood slowly and staggered out of the cockpit. She smiled; he never noticed when he caught himself with his formerly broken arm. His trance had worked very well. She keyed the comlink and spoke.

“Hawthorne, this is Jedi Master Jina Darkstorm. We had to replace our transport. We require a least time transit to the Enclave. We have a seriously wounded girl aboard who must see the healers immediately.” She let up on the controls and waited for a response.

“Roger that, Master Jina. We had been worried about you. Do you require assistance? We can provide medical care.”

“Negative. Hawthorne, the girl is in a healing trance at the moment, but she is almost beyond my powers. We need the enclave healers. Please relay this information to them.” She sent a data dump along with her transmission; the Hawthorne’s more powerful transmitter could reach the planet faster than the shuttles. Her comlink chimed again.

“Master Jina, the message is sent, and our doctor agrees, the healers are her only chance. We are providing a least time transit to the planet and have informed them of your medical emergency.”

“Thank you Hawthorne.” She hesitated, then spoke again. “Be aware, Hawthorne, we may have been followed from Tattooine.”

“Nature of pursuit?”

“Unknown, but…” She sighed. “The Stormhawk was there.” The voice when it came back was crisp and sharp.

“Were you attacked?”

“Negative. However, it is entirely probable…” Like 100% She thought with a pang. “…that we were pursued by someone else. If another ship comes through on this trajectory, do NOT fire on it.” Another voice came on, probably the captain of the Hawthorne.

“Master Jina, we do not understand. Can you clarify?” She sighed.

“It is entirely possible that Captain Will Kalenath will pursue us here.” Through the Force, even as far away as the Hawthorne was she could sense the shock. “If he does, do NOT engage him.”


“You would die for nothing. I must get this girl to the healers. Please, Captain. Don’t engage him.”

“Orders, received ma’am…” His voice was odd. She heard arguing in the background, but she ignored it. She nodded as the Hawthorne sent and updated flight plan and she slaved her autopilot to follow it. Then she moved to the rear cabin to check her ‘guest’.

<Nearby in cosmic terms>

Aboard the Hawthorne a low voiced argument raged. The crew wisely kept their eyes and ears poised to their screens as the captain and XO debated. Finally the senior NCO aboard, commonly called the COB for some unknown archaic reason, spoke.

“Sirs, with all due respect. She said to let him pass.” They both stared at her. The COB never interfered with officer business. She considered it above her pay grade, usually. Now however…

“He’s a traitor COB.” The Captain snarled. The XO also spoke.

“Captain, she ordered us to let him pass, it’s her responsibility.”

“I don’t care whose responsibility it is. That man has been thumbing his nose at the Republic navy for the last ten years. If we get a shot we take it.”

“Captain that is a very bad idea.” Both stared at the COB again, she was shaking, both realized. And not with adrenaline but with fear? The XO recovered first.

“Why COB?” She looked away, not at the console her head pointed at they both realized but into her memories.

“I served with the man once. Bad situation. Twelve years ago, I served on the Gravyne. Two Sith battlewagons ambushed us. Two battleships versus a cruiser, we did the smart thing. We ran away, what else could we do?” They nodded. She continued. “Their fighters caught up with us and it got bad. He came out of nowhere. It was like watching a Teras Kasi master fight a bunch of drunks. He was… He was incredible. He slaughtered the Sith fighters. At least twenty of them. He turned to engage the Sith battleships and they RAN from him. He landed to refuel and I met him, he needed a hand with some heavy repairs.” Both stared at her, disbelief oozing from every pore. “All I can say sirs, is this. If he is coming, we are done. If we fire on him we die. He will not have come here without planning on meeting us AND the Jedi.”

“I’ll take it under advisement COB.” The captain turned away, troubled. He moved to his ready room and sat. A moment later the XO entered and shut the door. After a tense moment of silence, the XO spoke.

“I know you lost you father at Coruscant sir.” The captain didn’t speak. “We don’t know what happened.” The captain sighed sadly.

“You are right, XO. And the COB is too. I… I don’t know what to think. But… you are right. She ordered us to let him pass and we will. However, we will scan every ship and keep the Jedi informed. She’s right you know. If we engage him we will likely die.” The XO stood straight at that.

“Its not death that scares a soldier sir.”

“I know. XO. I know.”

A strangely painted ship spun into realspace and flew into the Tython system. It was brown, red, gold, silver and green. It wasn’t until closer inspected that it became apparent that the paint wasn’t a scheme, but a picture. A snarling Krayt dragon’s head showed on dorsal and ventral surfaces. The Dragon had come to Tython.

Alarms sounded all across Hawthorne’s bridge as the strange ship accelerated into the system. Chaos erupted as the ship ignored hails and sensor scans showed weapons more suited to a capital ship than a Dynamic class freighter. The captain and XO looked at each other then at the COB. She licked her lips. Then she spoke.

“Is there anything on the com bands?” The com tech looked at her then scanned his gear. He froze.

“Yes, COB.”

“Put it on speaker.” The captain ordered and suddenly harsh music was playing across the bridge. He winced, he had heard the music before. “Turn it off. Send to that ship, 'you are clear to proceed, but you will be watched closely'.” There was no response.
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12.16.2011 , 04:34 AM | #2
Jina didn’t curse. But it was close. She immediately opened a channel to the new ship and was not surprised at all when he didn’t respond. She poured all power into her drive and prayed to the Force she could land in time to keep the Council from doing something ill advised. She notified Bjorn to strap in and cut in all thrust as soon as he acknowledged.

Will sat in the command chair of the star freighter Dragon, readiness reports chimed, sensors pings, the air conditioning hissed and he heard none of it. All of his being, all of his concentration was on the small shuttle fleeing from him. He ran a set of computations and sighed. He wouldn’t intercept them short of the planet and he was shocked to realize that part of him didn’t want to. Olanagychew sat in the copilot position and tried not to panic. He was very worried. For almost eight years, he had avoided Jedi, run from them, fought them only when absolutely necessary, and now… now he was following his friend into the very heart of Jedi power. And Will, he didn’t seem to care. He hadn’t spoken since they had left the Stormhawk. He hadn’t done anything when Hawthorne had challenged them. And now, he was just sitting there. Olana knew however, that Will was focused on the ship and would probably not even feel if he got slugged. Then Will’s head swiveled smoothly as if it was a turret on mag lev suspension and Olana found himself staring into his friend’s eyes.

“You shouldn’t have come.”

<I couldn’t let you come alone. I owe her.>

“You know what is going to happen. Sooner or later, one of them will get brave or decide I am bluffing.” Olanagychew nodded sadly.

<I am with you to the end, oath brother> Will sighed.

“Stubborn Wookiee. OK. We go in, and be ready for anything.” He opened a channel to the planet. “This is the Dragon, requesting permission to land.”

“Freighter Dragon, this is Tython control. You are not cleared to land. Leave immediately.”

“I can’t do that Tython control. Put me through to Jedi Master Jina Darkstorm.”

“She hasn’t…” he cut the ground control off.

“She is on final approach, put in touch with her now.” He didn’t raise his voice, but it seemed to Olanagychew that the temperature in the cockpit dropped a dozen degrees or so.

“I…” The voice broke off and another came on, calmer, more controlled. “Patching you through now, Dragon.”

“Thank you.” Will’s voice didn’t change, but Olana relaxed a bit. Then he tensed again as another voice came. One he remembered.

“She’s alive.” Jina’s voice was calm and considered. Will nodded.

“I expect a berth near yours.”

“I’ll see you get one. And I’ll provide an escort.”

“See you on the ground.” He moved to cut the com but she spoke again.

“I don’t know what happened, but I give you my personal word, I WILL find out.”

“Roger that.” He cut the com. A moment later ground control sent a databurst that
contained a landing site less than a hundred meters from where Jina’s shuttle was touching down. He nodded and began descent.
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12.16.2011 , 04:35 AM | #3
Bjorn tried not fidget as Master Jina landed the shuttle. He heard and felt the slight thump that heralded their return to the ground and he heaved a sigh of relief. He started unstrapping himself and was not surprised to see his Master come back to the rear cabin. He stood up and waited. She examined Nia briefly and shook her head. Then she looked at Bjorn.

“We have a problem.” He blanched.

“He’s here?” She nodded and he sat down heavily again.

“And he is mad. You know how anger clouds the mind, do NOT expect this man to be that way. He has lived through things that any Jedi, myself included would have died doing.” Bjorn shook his head, his memories of the last time he had faced the man fresh in his mind. “I have to get her to the healers, and then I have to report to the Council. He will be landing in about ten minutes in the next bay. I want you to meet him, and lead him to the Council.” His eyes became the size of saucers.

“Master…?” His voice squeaked but he was beyond caring.

“You are the only person on this planet besides myself who knows what he is capable of. How long do you think it will be before some half trained apprentice decides to ‘DO SOMETHING’ for the honor of the Jedi Order?” He looked at her in horror.

“If he’s here…” Bjorn broke off.

“…He has a plan. Or some kind of special fall back option. I don’t think we want to find out what it is. Do you?” He shook his head violently.

“I’ll meet him Master, but what if…”

“My authority, Bjorn. You stay between him and anyone who looks like they are going to do something dumb.” He nodded, then handed her his pack, with the objects he had taken from the Dark Jedi. He made his way to the hatch and opened it. He was not surprised to see a team of medical personnel hurrying across the pad to the ship. He waved them inside without a word. Then he moved towards the landing bay that had lights blinking indicating a ship was approaching. He tried to maintain his control and managed to. He began a breathing exercise, to calm himself.

Jina sat beside Nia and watched as the medics loaded her carefully onto an AG stretcher. They had scanned her and, while completely professional, she could sense their doubt about the girl’s chances for survival. She hoped they were wrong. She followed them out of the ship and into the building. Without looking she could hear and feel the approach of a ship. She gritted her teeth and walked behind the medical personnel.
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12.16.2011 , 04:36 AM | #4
Jina stood by and tried not to worry as the healers examined Nia. She had done all she could, now the girl was in better hands. She froze as a tall form approached her. Jedi Nolikas was a Rakata and arguably one of the best healers in the galaxy. The fact that few Rakata could feel or use the Force was well known. What was not was why. Nolikas served to expunge the horrible past of her people and to help others. She lived to heal, and little else. She had been offered the title of Jedi Master no fewer than six times, each time; she had refused, saying only that she was unworthy. Jina smiled, the Rakata made an excellent teacher nonetheless. Many of her apprentices had gone on to become great healers and doctors in their own rights. Jina nodded to the healer. The Rakata stopped in front of Jina and spoke her trademark heavily accented Basic.

“The girl’s injuries are most severe, but I believe we can save her.

“Her name is Nia.” The Rakata nodded, and then hesitated.

“There is something odd about her.” Jina nodded again.

“I know.” The Rakata took a step back, turned partway back towards the operating theatre where Nia was being prepped for surgery and then turned back to Jina.

“I do not pay much attention to rumor. But there are many flying about the Temple now. About this girl and the ship that has just landed.” Jina said nothing. Nolikas shrugged. “I thought you should know.”

“She is under my protection, Nolikas.” Jina could have sworn she startled the Rakata, but if so, the healer recovered quickly. Nolikas nodded, then stepped back into her domain. Jina waited until the sterile field activated and then walked out of the healer ward towards the Council chambers. She tried to calm her mind. This could get nasty.

<At the landing pad>

This could get nasty. What am I saying? It IS nasty...

Bjorn though to himself as the garishly painted ship’s gangway lowered. He waited. After a seeming eternity, which his time sense toll dim had actually been two minutes, a familiar shape appeared at the head of the ramp. He tried not to swallow as he saw the familiar form of Will Kalenath start down the ramp. The man appeared unarmed, but Bjorn knew, even without the Force, that the man had surprises on his person.

“Captain Kalenath? I am to escort you to the Council.” Will shook his head and Bjorn stopped.

“I’m not a Captain anymore Padawan, I haven’t held that rank in a long time. I am sorry. I never got your name.” He grinned sourly and Bjorn surprised himself by grinning back. He extended his hand in a polite greeting.

“Yes, you were busy educating me me in manners. My name is Bjorn, and I am to serve as your escort to the council chambers.”

“I'm sorry I shot you Padawan. I would like to see Nia if it is possible.” Bjorn got the gist that there had better be a very good reason if it wasn’t.

“She will be in surgery by now; she was going in three minutes ago when I asked.” Bjorn grinend weakly. "They told me to stop pestering them, sir." Will nodded. Then he grinned.

“Don’t call me sir, my parents were married, call me Will.” Bjorn froze. Then he shook his head.

“Master Jina didn’t say you had a sense of humor, si…uh… Will” Bjorn flushed a bit as he recovered, but Will didn’t seem to notice. Will looked at the cockpit window and nodded slowly. The hatch closed behind him and the gangway retracted. Bjorn’s eyebrows rose. Will grinned a little less sourly this time.

“I get the feeling that there is a lot Master Jina didn’t say about me. But this is neither the time nor the place. Lead on Padawan.” Bjorn led Will out of the hanger bay aware with each step of just how overwhelmed and out of his depth he really was.
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12.16.2011 , 04:38 AM | #5
Nia woke, she didn’t hurt. But when she tried to move she couldn’t. She could only move her eyes and what she saw scared her. An alien form, a race she wasn’t familiar with, was bending over her. She screamed. Or tried to. Something was in her mouth and she felt it in her throat as well. She fought the reflex to gag. The alien spoke, the voice was odd.

“Young human. My name is Nolikas. You are at the Jedi Enclave on Tython. You are in our care. No harm will come to you.” Nia struggled tried to move, to run, to do anything, but her body would not obey her. “Young human, Nia. You are in no danger here. We woke you up to make sure you would wake up.” Nia remembered Jina putting her to sleep, and promising that she would get help. Nia looked deep into the eyes of the alien and felt…something. She relaxed.

“You cannot speak because we have placed a tube down your throat into your lungs to assist your breathing. We will begin repairs on your body. You will sleep, and when you wake you will feel better. Do you understand? Blink your eyelids twice if you do.” Nia did, and she was sure the alien relaxed, although she could not be sure how she knew. “You will sleep now Nia. Rest, child.” Nia felt waves of lassitude wash over her body and she was pulled gently into them.

Nolikas watched as the girl lost consciousness. She had felt a bond of some kind snap into place, then dissolve. It had seemed to calm the girl and that was a good thing, but she wondered exactly what it had been. She looked the girl over again then began her ministrations.

<Just a few minutes later>

Bjorn led Will to the Healer Wing, but like he had predicted, Nia was in surgery and all they could see on the monitors were the doctor and the nurses moving around. Will looked at the monitor that showed Nia’s vital signs and winced visibly. Then he followed Bjorn out of the area without saying a word.

Bjorn led Will through a bewildering series of twists and turns, but he was sure his chrono would suffice to get him back out. It contained a miniaturized version of the mapping software found in combat helmets. He kept part of his awareness on his young guide and part on the surrounding area. He was not taken off guard then, like his guide, when a young Twilek in Padawan robes moved to block Bjorn’s way. Bjorn recovered quickly and Will gave the kid another mental check box. He had what it took to survive, IF any of them lived through the next hour. Bjorn looked at the Twilek.

“This man is a criminal.” She declared loudly and Will saw a small crowd gathering in his peripheral vision. Mostly younglings and he winced. He looked at Bjorn and Bjorn sighed.

“Stand aside, please.” The Twilek froze.

“You cannot be protecting him, he killed…” She broke off as Bjorn raised a hand.

“What he did or did not do is for the Council to decide. Not us. I am taking him there now. Stand aside.” Will could see the Twilek wanted to push the issue further, but duty won over outrage and she stepped aside. Bjorn led off again, and as Will was passing her, she spoke softly.

“You will pay for what you did, murderer.” He replied just as quiet.

“Yes I will, but not at your hands. And by the way, yes I am.” He saw her freeze in his peripheral vision and the other Jedi clustered around her as the Bjorn led him from the corridor.

They entered another room and Bjorn stopped. Will stopped right behind him and looked around. The room was cylindrical, with high, glass filled walls. Around the edges of the room were twelve chairs. A large obelisk stood in the middle of the room and he nodded. It was an almost perfect copy of the Jedi council chamber on Coruscant, which he had visited once, in happier times. The faces of the Jedi who faced him from those chairs were impassive, all but one. Markus Sigmundsin sat and looked worried. Jina stood just a little way in front of Bjorn and Will wondered what had been said before they had arrived. Jina turned to him and while her face was expressionless, her eyes showed anger. He nodded to her and she waved him forward. He walked up beside her and waited. She spoke quietly, measured and calm.

“Members of the Jedi Council, may I present Captain Will Kalenath, formerly of the Republic.” Will cleared his throat. She looked at him. He arced an eyebrow and she smiled slightly. One of the Jedi, a Quarren, spoke.

“We have heard a lot about you captain…” the Quarren broke off as Will raised ahand.

“You wish to speak?” Will nodded. “Speak then.”

“I am not a captain. I hold no rank in the Republic.” Sigmundson spoke.

“So you deny being second in command of the Stormhawk?” Will wasn’t sure but several of the faces seemed to show disapproval, but whether about Sigmundson’s outburst or his own past, he wasn’t sure.

“No.” he said calmly. “I am not an officer of the Republic. The Stormhawk does not answer to the Republic.” Several of the Jedi sat back at his words. One of them, a human female, spoke next.

“Why have you come here this day? Do you seek justice?” They waited for him to speak and he let the silence drag out. Then he replied.

“To answer your questions in sequence, Master Jedi.” He nodded to her. “I came to recover my daughter.” All of the Jedi froze and several glanced at each other and at Jina.

“And I do not believe I will find justice among you.” They looked at each other, bewildered. Finally another, a Wookiee, spoke.

<What makes you believe that?> He nodded to the Wookiee and replied in Shirwook.

<I do not believe Jedi understand the word.> A hush fell as the Jedi who did not understand shirwook had his words translated. The Wookiee sat poised. Will knew that only iron control prevented the Master Jedi from leaping across the room to tear him limb from limb for the insult. Finally Sigmundson got his translation and spoke.

“You dare accuse us of being unjust? You, a pirate?” Will stood, unmoving as Sigmundson leapt to his feet and drew his lightsaber.

“Stop.” A soft voice cut through the hubbub and Will looked at a chair he had thought empty. In it sat a small, wizened green form. He froze.

It can’t be him…

The being moved to the front of the chair, jumped to the ground and walked to where Will was standing, frozen in shock. The diminutive Jedi master spoke.

“You know who I am.”

“We met once.” Will bowed; deeply. This was a Jedi he respected as much as he did Jina.

“You knew coming here, that you would be challenged. What is your plan?” Will extended his wrist to the aged Jedi and the small green Jedi sighed.

“A biometric trigger? What is it connected to? Since I know of your reputation, I assume it is large.” All of the Jedi exchanged glances. Biometric triggers were rare and costly because they were infallible. If Will decided to trigger it, it would go off and nothing could stop it.

“It is. A five hundred weight baradium device.” Every Jedi in the room, including Jina and Bjorn froze. A small baradium bomb could wipe out the enclave. The one he described could lay waste to the continent. The small green Jedi master sighed.

“Is this what we have come to, my kin, when a soldier must threaten us in such a way to get our attention?” None of the Jedi could meet his eyes. “You do not trust us, this is clear Will Kalenath. May we know why?”

“It is a long story.”

“I am as you humans say, all ears.” He wiggled his impudently.

“Very well, Master Vandar. I was asleep in my bed with my wife when the Alert came that the Sith were attacking Coruscant…"
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12.16.2011 , 04:40 AM | #6
“… then I woke in sickbay aboard the Stormhawk. We had escaped. Barely. We rescued thirty pilots and five escape pods. Then we ran. Since then we have been fighting the Sith and running from the Jedi and the Republic. We have fought them alone ever since that day. Our fight has cost the lives of many of us including my wife. But we will fight on.” Will stood as still as he had the whole time he had been speaking. The Jedi council was silent. Will kept his eyes on Master Vandar, who had resumed his seat. The small green Jedi master steepled his hands and laid his chin on them. The silence dragged on. Finally Vandar spoke.

“You have given us much to think about.” Will bowed to him. “We will recess to discuss this. You may return to your ship, Will Kalenath, and no one will bar your way. And...although they are delayed, you have my condolences on the loss of your wife.” Will nodded and moved towards the door. Bjorn and Jina waited there. Bjorn started walking as soon as will was close and Jina fell in beside him. They walked back to the landing bay in silence. They were almost back when Jina spoke.

“You are insane. A baradium bomb?”

“Anything else you could stop.” Will’s voice was soft. Bjorn stared at him, then at Jina. Master Jina shook her head.

“We could never evacuate the whole enclave in time, you knew that.”

“Yeah I did.”

“You knew he would negotiate.” Her tone was half admonishing, half admiring. Will shrugged.

“Actually, I expected to die as soon as I saw him.” His voice said held no emotion at all.

“What?” Bjorn interjected then turned red as both turned to look at him. Will held up his wrist.

“He can stop a biometric trigger. He is the only being I know of who can.” They both looked at him. “What he wouldn’t be able to stop is my copilot from setting off the bomb manually. But, my copilot couldn’t do it, which is why I allowed him to come along.”

“You expected to die.” Bjorn’s words were barely above a whisper. “Why would you…?” Will didn’t speak as Bjorn trailed off. “Oh. You came to tell us the truth.”

“No, I came for Nia.” Will’s quiet rejoinder stopped them both from talking for a moment, and then Jina sighed. They walked in silence for a few minutes.

“I don’t believe you did that. Will Kalenath.” Jina hissed quietly as they passed a silent group of Jedi who watched them pass. “You had a plan.”

“The plan evaporated when I saw Master Vandar,..." Will shrugged again. "I am playing this one by ear.”

“Yeah, right.” Jina was unconvinced. They arrived at the landing bay and the gangway of the Dragon opened. Will paused at the hatch and looked Jina in the eye. Something flitted deep inside his emerald orbs.

“If you could, please check on Nia?”

“I would anyway, Will, you know that.” Jina replied kindly.

“Thank you.” With that he walked up the gangway and it closed after him.
Jina looked at Bjorn and they both started towards the Healer Wing. They walked in silence, needing time to absorb the momentous events that had happened. Then Bjorn froze. The Twilek from before stood against the wall of the corridor in front of them. Jina stopped when her Padawan did and they both watched as the twilek approached.

“Is it true, Master Jina?”

“Is what true, Padawan Ulaha?”

“Did that…pirate really threaten the Council with a baradium bomb?”

“First of all, Padawan, we don’t know if he is pirate or not. He has never to my knowledge attacked Republic shipping. And second, Council sessions are private, who told you that?”

“Ah…” The Twilek froze, unsure.

“Never mind, Padawan. The answer is no and yes.”


“He never threatened the council.” The Twileks eyes widened. “He didn’t have to. He has a biometric trigger attached to a baradium warhead. What does that tell you?” The Twilek blanched.

“If we do anything, he can trigger it, and we won’t be able to stop it.”

“Yes, and what happens if it goes off? He has stated it is five hundred weight.” She hadn’t thought a Twilek could turn that color.

“We…die…” Bjorn took the other padawan by the arm and helped her to a bench. Master Jina followed.

“What would you do in my place, Padawan?”

“Everything I could to keep him from triggering it.” Jina smiled and patted the girl on the arm. “And spread the word to every one…The true word.”

“Which is what we are doing, child. Rest for a moment; then return to your quarters, meditate on this. Perhaps you can find a path we have missed.” The Twilek nodded and looked thoughtful. Jina and Bjorn walked on. Bjorn finally broke the silence.

“You know who told her.” It wasn’t a question.

“Proving it will be next to impossible.” Jina shook her head and continued towards the Healer Wing.

When they arrived at the Healer Wing they found Nolikas deep in consultation with another healer. They made themselves comfortable and waited. A few minutes later, the Rakata came in and both stood to greet her.

“Master Jina, Padawan Bjorn.”

“Healer Nolikas.” The pleasantries done, they followed the Rakata back to her office, or as she referred to it, her cave. They sat in chairs that she used for visitors and she sat behind her desk.

“You wish to know about Nia, she came out of surgery fine. We now can only wait and see. Let us trade news.” Jina quizzed Nolikas on the surgery and what else had happened and Nolikas quizzed Jina on the events in the council chamber. At the end of Jina’s commentary, Nolikas burst out in laughter.

“He stood them all off. I must meet this human. And you say he was bluffing?”

“We only have his word that Master Vandar can deactivate it.”

“I can.” Came a quiet voice from behind them and all three spun around to see the dimunitive Jedi Master standing in the doorway. All three froze. He waved lightly. “Be at peace, I came to see the condition of Will Kalenath’s daughter.” Nolikas froze.

“She is his daughter?” Her voice was…odd, even for her.

“Yes.” Jina said, somewhat tetchily. “I promised her, I wouldn’t tell anybody. Then he did.” Vandar spoke again.

“Always that young human has been brash. Bold, a little crazy even. But never a thought for himself, only for the Republic. It was a dark day when we heard he had been slain in battle at Coruscant. And it is a darker day when we find out why.” Master Vandar sighed.

“Master Jina, this has been asked before but I ask it again. Sigmundson has been stripped of his rank, if I have my way he will be stripped of all of his positions as well.” Master Vandar’s voice was cold and for just a moment, she wondered WHAT had transpired when Will had met him. “Will you take his place?” Jina froze.

“Master Vandar, I am honored, but…I have a Padawan.” Bjorn froze; this was his future they were discussing.

“Who is ready for the trials, by your own admission.” Bjorn looked from his Master to Master Vandar and shook his head. He wasn’t ready. Jina smiled at him.

“No one believes they are ready Bjorn, and truth be told, no one truly is.” He goggled at her. He looked from her to Master Vandar who was grinning so much his face seemed about to split. A sound came from behind them and they all turned to where Nolikas was typing on her keyboard and making abstracted sounds. They all looked at each other, then watched her. After a few minutes she finished what she was doing, made a ‘hmmm’ noise. Then she turned back to them. She started as she realized they were waiting for her.

“I am sorry, I was distracted.”

“So we saw.” Master Vandar said dryly. “What did you find?”

“This is fascinating, Master Vandar, we have records of various Jedi from the Jedi Civil War of 300 standard years ago.”

“I was there, healer.” And for once his voice held no humor at all.

“Oh, my apologizes, yes… the information we have on Jedi from that time period is incomplete, but…” she broke off, thinking hard.

“But what, Healer Nolikas?” Master Vandar prompted when she didn’t speak.

“We had the complete profile of a few Jedi, mostly ones who rebelled against the council and…” She broke off as a bleak look crossed Vandar’s face. When he spoke it was in a sad voice.

“…joined Revan and Malak. We wanted to be able to identify them. In case of problems.”

Problems… thought Bjorn. You could call them that…

From their expressions, everyone was having the same thoughts. The Rakata healer finally spoke again.

“But we have their profiles on record.”

“Are you saying she is descended from one of the Jedi who were turned by Revan?”

“No.” They all sat back at her distracted negative.

“Healer?” Jina spoke this time, prompting her friend.

“Oh, I am sorry it’s just fascinating, all this time and we never knew…”

“Knew what, Healer Nolikas?” Master Vandar asked. “Who is she descended from?”

“The Exile.” Everyone in the room besides Nolikas froze and she did as well when she realized what she had said. Bjorn managed to put it in words first.

“Oh boy…”
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