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Sudden launcher problem

Daross's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:00 AM | #1
So I played beta without problem
Did all updates without issues

Today I was checking if im in Early launch many times..

Then started Skyrim chill a bit... but forgot to tweak grpahic fans to force full speed, so computer crashed to bluescreen of overheat (fecked up ATI products).

Anyway .. since this momemnt NO SWTOR Launchers start up any more.
I did unsinstal whole game to reinstal it quickly since got my discks now. but setup doesnt start either.
I tried Pre-Load feature, which was sent by mail... no go.. dont start at all.

All what happen is ask me for Admin Rights to start, then nothing... just hangin process in background, which I have to kill by Ctrl+Alt+Del.

[EDIT]: As suddenly as came, now worked. Atm installing from discs... wish I could remove topic temporarly but see no such an option -___-