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Soa Aggro Indicators

wesleycrushers's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 09:22 AM | #1
I was just curious how I know if I've pulled aggro on Soa, specifically in the first phase.

In the first phase I believe that he lightning zaps random people in the group, but I normally get zapped for about 3k damage per hit. Last time I ran him though I got zapped for like 5k a hit. Is this because I had aggro?

Is there any visual cues to look for to see if the tank has aggro or if I do?

This doesn't seem to be a big deal on phase 2, but I am still curious. DPS doesn't seem as likely to rip aggro here since there is so much other stuff going on, but the Healers might end up with more aggro than the tank. Again any cues to know if this is happening?

Phase 3 is easy to tell. He will follow whoever has aggro, so it had better be the tank so that he can position him properly under the pylons. Besides no one should be attacking him until his shield breaks.

demoncrat's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 10:49 AM | #2
I tank him so he's not facing the group, when he turns on them I burn a taunt.

I am not sure what the raid damage is like, but he does randomly hit people, and I try to minimize that.
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