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Member titles, what do you think of these...

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Member titles, what do you think of these...

Nocturnix's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 10:46 AM | #1
I am working to create member titles for the torboard forums. These titles are based on postcount and are just for fun. Here is the first "draft" of titleset with "Title" (number of posts required).

I tried to keep them somewhat neutral since I can not have 2 different sets for republic/empire titles. What are your thoughts?

Imperial Slave 0
Liberated Slave 5
Peasant 10
Commoner 15
Apprentice 25
Master 50
Diplomat 100
Negotiator 200
Underlord 300
Lord 400
Overlord 500
Lord of Lords 1000
Lord of Overlords 2000
Grand Overlord 3000
Holy Grand Overlord Master 4000

(You can also add your own ideas at the bottom)