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Difficulty solo levelling

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03.12.2012 , 12:27 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Banicks View Post
1 - Level 31
2 - Mission level inidicates yellow, mobs I'm up against are level 30-31.
3 - Companion is in Rank 66 gear. I'm wearing mostly Rank 50 through to a few 76 items.
4 - Annihilation :
5 - Rotation below:

Force Charge
Battering Assault
Deadly Saber
Cloak of Pain

When that lot is on CD:
Vicious Slash
(1 & 2 rotation and attempting to keep 4-6 rage points ready for CD dumping points with Slash when reaching closer to 8)

Retaliation - when proc
Interupt where possible on harder attacks
Lots of mostly good advice here, I'll add my own...
1) Update your gear, you should be wearing all oranges/blues of level, or close to it. Check the GTN for gear, or ask your guild (if no guild, find one) to help out. Get lvl 31 mods if possible. Mara are a very gear dependent class, you'll notice a huge improvement just doing that. Updating your pet to max is very important also.
2) Build advice: lose the 3 pts in dual wield. That is a builder talent for carnage, and a filler talent for anni/rage later. Your offhand accuracy just isn't good enough to make that talent matter until you can get some +acc mods in the mid to late 30's. Spend those 3 pts in your anni spec, I suggest a point in close quarters, and the other two pulverize. malice could be useful, but getting the 31 in your main spec is more useful.
3) Rotation: As others said, move saber up, you can cast that while in the air of force charge. And get rupture in soon after. Follow it up with a batter and a vicious slash, as VS will now help you get rupture back quicker. Ravage is more of a filler talent for anni than a bread & butter move (that's carnage). Anni is all about the dots, you want them ticking away non-stop to get maximum effect.
4) Obfusicate is one of, if not the, best debuffs in the game, use it early, use it often. If it is a gold with some friends, use it on the gold, if it is a silver with some friends, use it on the silver. Use your interrupts when available on channeled abilities, it doesn't take long before you know which ones are the important ones to stop.
5) Savage kick: ignore talk of this, you don't get it until 36 or 37 iirc.

Now, if all this doesn't help, or perhaps you can't update the gear, then I suggest you skip the bonus series, and move on to the next planet in the class quest, and come back after. It will be much easier with a level advantage. If you are having troubles on that planet too, then I suggest a spec change might be in order. Personally, I switched to rage from anni, and found it more my style of play.

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03.12.2012 , 12:30 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by DonLocke View Post
subj: I dont know what obfuscate is and we have extra interrupts like choke and smash.
What? Please leave the war forums and go play your arsenal merc....

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03.12.2012 , 01:39 PM | #23
When killing strong mobs the trick is to allways prio deadly and rupture. When facing a strong and a few standards the trick is to keep the standard ones from attacking you.

pommel strike
(battering assault if low on rage)
force scream the other mob to cc him
ravage to kill other standard

then you just got the stron left but your hp should be fairly high (esp if you used cloak of pain) and you should be able to finnish him fairly easy. if you are low consider using force choke or camo to get a breather.

The main focus here is not to insanely nuke and kill them off as quick as possible but to keep the weak ones from attacking you. This will lowerdamage taken significantly as both weak mobs should be dead before they can do barely anything. In other words dont waste rage on putting deadly saber on standard mobs they die before you get use of your charges and use the rage for additional cc.

Also something to look out for, somtimes quinn starts to cc the standard mob and let the strong one dish out damage without you healing. attack the mob if so to interupt the cc. If he ccs the strong mob though itīs a good thing

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03.12.2012 , 01:50 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Shatterstar View Post
What? Please leave the war forums and go play your arsenal merc....
how did you knowwww???? lol I just didnt realize that move had a name. I call it blind hehe
Run, Jump, Bleed(heal), Kill. Marauder Life.