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Help me understand how crew skills are supposed to fit into the game.

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Help me understand how crew skills are supposed to fit into the game.

Nexdine's Avatar

03.11.2012 , 09:19 AM | #11
Crafting is only way too expensive if you use the lazy approach and sit in a cantina while your companions pay 1k+ per mission. If you go to the planet that's level-appropriate for what you're crafting, you can bring home a huge haul of materials for free - and then maybe even sell your stuff on the GTN for money.

Granted, that's a lot more work than just crafting it but it doesn't have to be ruinous. That's a choice.

There are far worse problems with crafting in this game, like for example that there is nearly nothing to craft - armormech gets basically two lines of items, one heavy and one medium, plus whatever assorted schematics you can pick up. That's preposterously little, and a sign of "let's just get this game out the door!" in my opinion.

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03.11.2012 , 02:27 PM | #12
on my jedi guardian, I was able to:

keep most armor slots up-to-date with blue/purple gear (for both myself and my companion)
and still make a ton of money

I went synthweaving/archeology/slicing

synthweaving+archeology to make green items and RE them into blue/purple schematics, and then slicing to have the credits to buy the necessary rare materials to craft the blue/purple items as necessary.

the biggest crew skill money sink imo are the mission skills other than slicing.