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SilentBlitzer's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 02:11 PM | #1
hello all. im sure this has been asked/answered somewhere before but i dont wanna search for it lol. so i currently have one geforce 450gts in my rig and i can run the game with all settings on high but its sluggish at times to say the least. i would just like to know if anyone else has added a 2nd vid card to their system for performance gains. does swtor support sli configuration? the way i see it to go from playing as is to possibly "flawless" just by adding another card for btw just 100-130 bucks would be well worth it to me

TarrisKalldron's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 12:36 AM | #2
Hey, just got into the game today. By default with the latest nvidia beta driver (not sure on past drivers because I haven't played the game till today) no SLI is utilized (noticed this by evga precision only showing one gpu heating up while playing).

So, I went into Nvidia control panel, Mange 3D Settings, added the old republic exe which is located within your Star Wars Folder/swtor/retailclient. Scroll down to SLI rendering mode and toggle the drop down to "Force alternate frame rendering 2". Also to test that your sli is active in game you can, while still in the nvidia control panel, go to 3D settings in the menu and checking SLI Indicator which will show a bar during the game letting you know SLI is active (will have to disable this out of game and restart).

I jumped from about 60 fps to approximately 100+ while at the same time doing the nividia AA trick at a factor of 8.