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Security Answers Help

Zuluwarf's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 11:22 PM | #1

I am really getting fed-up with CS and need some help with Security Answers, basically I forgot one of my answers a few days ago, emailed CS request for help and told CS only deal with security answers via their CS Line. So I have been calling CS every few hours for 3 days, and every time got message to phone back later due to them being full because of high call volumes.

Finally got through this morning at 4.15am (GMT), only to be told they not dealing with security questions and phone back later . I then ignored this advice and tried to speak to billing representative (no option for help with security questions on CS options, i know this because I went through every single option twice) for accounts which was the closest option I could find to hep me, but after 45mins on hold I gave up.

Till I get this sorted I cant make any changes to my account as the one question I have forgotten keeps getting asked, I have reset password 3 times, I have selected option to change security answers so many times I have lost count and every time it asks the same damn question I forgot the answer before it will allow me to change answer .

Until this is resolved I cant log onto forums or play on another a computer till I do.

I don't suppose anyone knows of a way round this? Its like catch 22 they tell you cant deal with it via email have to phone on the phone they say they not dealing with security answers at this time...... "Warning! Warning!", "That does not compute" "Danger, Will Robinson!"

Zuluwarf's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 12:23 AM | #2
Ok so now after resetting password again and being asked same damn security questions which I don't remember asking and don't know the answer (have tried every single cousins name related to me and combinations of fist names and last names in lower and uppercase) I tried to log into the game and its now asking me the same damn security question, so now I cant log into the game!!

Currently on hold for over an hour with CS, why cant you rotate the damn question or ask for two answers to other questions on password reset!!!!