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03.09.2012 , 08:24 AM | #1
Hello guys,
I was wondering what everyones thoughts were on what you should max your power, crit, surge, alac, and haste at?

And yes.. haste was a joke.
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03.09.2012 , 11:06 AM | #2
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03.09.2012 , 11:08 AM | #3
Im not 100% certain but I believe diminishing returns sets in hard at 25% Crit, 65% Crit damage (maybe it was 75%) and power has no diminishing returns to speak of.

Edit: Accuracy should not be neglected either, depending on your particular school of thought, I believe its generally accepted 103% accuracy for main-hand physical attack, is enough to hit tanks consistantly.
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03.09.2012 , 11:35 AM | #4
You want 10% Acc for PvP (8% for PvE).

You want around 300 +/- Crit Rating. Around 300 +/- Surge Rating.

Rest Str/Power. With miscellaneous drizzles of Acc since you can't get away from AccAccAcc.
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