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03.08.2012 , 02:55 AM | #1
I would just like to post some of the things me and my guild have been discussing about the game here in the forums. One thing that i would like to note is although i do have some complaints i personally think that SWTOR has some really nice features and alot of potential to be improved and expanded upon. Some of the complaints i have are with the majority of the people i talk to most of them strongly dislike hutball and yet it is nearly the most played warzone in the game people tend to do things they enjoy so why would someone continue playing if they don't enjoy what they are doing, also why is bioware just now getting ready to add things like the guild bank and other features of this nature yes WoW did not have this feature on launch but WoW is also nearly a decade old, another thing is that from what i have seen from end game there isn't very much yet so what is exposed to keep people playing when they hit 50 yes they can go back and lvl another character but that can be very monotonous there is the new class quest but the rest of the quest are still the same thing, and the last thing that i'm gonna post on here are that there are still numerous bugs left in the game, i played age of conan when it came out and although it was a cool game with new concepts it still failed partially because of the problem with bugs. The reasons i'm stating some of this things is because i for the most part enjoy the game and see a lot of potential and i am curious to see where the game will go however it is my feeling that if some of these problems are not addressed soon there will be a continued decrease in server population. And the reason i know that the population is decreased from when they released the game is because alot of the servers that had a high population when the game was released now have a low or medium server pop.. Anyways that is my speal and some of the imput that i have gathered from the people that i play with on what could definately use some form of improvement.