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Screenshots for SWTOR

FusRohDah's Avatar

03.06.2012 , 04:35 PM | #1
I know this might be the wrong place to post this and I'm sorry if it is. Anyways, I feel like having a section for where players can submit screenshots and kind of have a "Screenshot of the day" type thing on the front page might be cool. Would also help people thinking of joining SWTOR.

Yes I know WoW has that
Yes I pretty much got the idea from wow, but most MMO sites have a player made screenshot section, and I feel like the ones players make would be more interesting to see then the ones BW put on the site. To see how the what we can come up with as a community, and to see the screenshots through the players eyes.
Yes I know there already is a screenshot section.
Just a thought.

Ransom_BiC's Avatar

03.07.2012 , 11:21 AM | #2
I've made at least one thread about this, but no one bothers to post screens. Kinda annoying. I'm all about this though, and would be behind having such a thread, even if only a few of us participate.
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