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Problems with Marauder PvP

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03.04.2012 , 03:46 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by LordValkyran View Post
Why should a class that is "melee dps" be stood around acting as a secondary tank, thats clearly the Juggernauts job. Yes you can buff allies, yes, you can charge but these things are irrelevant when your a med armour squishy death trap that cant even pull off 2.5 in the first hit (barring rage spec).

Now compair that to every OTHER melee dps class out there and you can see the imbalance in combat advantage and it is "very" clear what the problem is:

A class like a Maurader needs to have an early advantage and it just doesnt "have" that. It doesnt have a way to slow the enemy that isnt melee range reliant or costs at least 3 rage to cast. It doesnt have an effective method to slam the enemy.

I mean come on, an ability that gives you 5 seconds of 99% ressilance in returnf or 50% of your health... thats a juggernaut ability if I ever saw it, Mauraders dont "need" defencive abilities they're all about "attack".

Instead, you need cloak of pain, undying rage, and saber ward to endure full battlemasters. You need these things not just want but need them to live a few seconds longer and the point is, you shouldnt need them because you shouldnt have to worry about being killed.

Sure, I dont mind taking 50% more damage if I can deal 100% more to my enemy. My class should revolve around hitting harder than the guy whos hitting me, not taking a beating from him like a Beach while he strikes me down for 7K crits in melee (operative refference).

Honestly, thats whats wrong here, this class doesnt feel like a scary class to play in melee and thats bad. When your playing a class thats only advantage is up close and personal and it not only lacks damage but build up to that damage, something, is wrong.

Pro Mauraders? Theres a few out there that have the capacity to faceroll, sure anyone can do that but even that doesnt compensate the majority of casuals saying quite clearly what the problem is. Im not just whining im telling you HOW to fix it.

If this was a pure QQ, there'd be no tangiable proof or method on how to make it better, read and you'll see im clearly making the obvious suggestion.

Mauraders are an offencive class, they need offencive abilities. Im happy to trade out every defencive ability a Maurader has to be able to do 2.5K damage Mauls, because lets face it, the fact an Assassin can pop 2.5K on the FIRST ATTACK and a Maurader cant even hit for higher than 1.7... is Wrong, straight out wrong.

Assassins are made for hit and run, they're made to strike you sneakily then soften you up for others, then go back in and finish you when the laymen have done the work.

This class, this class was designed to hit you like a brickhouse and during beta, thats exactly what it did.

Now it doesnt, and thats unfortunate because there was a time playing this class meant you could hurt people. Now the Sage laughs as I try to hit him for damage while a Vanguard shields him, I hit the Vanguard but the Sage heals them up in no time.

I stick with allies to bring down the class combo and it matters little, these guys have near enough instant cast heals, shields and other defencive abilities that can outdo anything I throw.

Thats wrong, a melee dps class should NEVER have to fear being able to hurt people, you should be able to smack people around for a ****-ton on the first blow.

And if that means giving up defences to hit harder I dont mind that. I dont mind being fragile as long as my glass cannon class can HURT people when im close enough to do just that, which is what it "should" do.
It's painfully obvious to see that you're an undergeared, underexperienced marauder.

Don't call for changes to the class unless you're playing it at its full potential.

The good marauders here are probably reading your posts, scratching their heads and wondering what on Earth you're even talking about.

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03.04.2012 , 03:54 PM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by LordValkyran View Post
Oh and we can't get a 2.5k jump on someone? What? I suppose, but you could always maybe give this a try:

Charge (if they aren't a knockback class) > deadly sabers while in the air > battering assault > rupture > annihilate

If they did knock you back, force camo and run back to them and apply your slow to break stealth.

Oh, and if you had Frenzy up or already 30 stacks of Fury, pop berzerk so you'd be applying 4 stacks of 1k crit'ing dots by the end of the this rotation. Plus all the direct damage you applied from charge, BS, rupture, and annihilate. Want to get fancy? Pop your power relic/adrenal before rupture and sandwich in the first 2 attacks of ravage before you annihilate. You'll see plenty of burst. Considering how easy it is to build rage in annnihilation, you can just sweeping slash between/during combat to get 30 Fury constantly.

Seriously, learn to play. Your ignorance is overwhelming at this point.