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Disappointed in the game. (A rage thread)

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03.02.2012 , 06:45 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Gerrard_Ennui View Post
Agree with the OP.

My guild is still toughing it out but when you get a different encounter-breaking bug each boss attempt over 5 or 6 resets, then when you finally kill it the loot bugs out, it becomes ridiculous.

45ish days left, definitely not resubbing. I hope the cash grab was worth it, Bioware.
Loot never bugs out on free for all. Our guild doesn't run into that many bugs at all. Only fight we ever see anything you could remotely call a bug that we run into is on Soa Nightmare when some lightning balls will one shot a full health with shield sorc. All the talk of pylons not hitting him I'm betting is just the not so great camera adjusting tanks have to do for it and just missing by a little bit. Haven't had any issues with aggro or despawning.