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GPU artifact on group portrait or new game bug?

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GPU artifact on group portrait or new game bug?
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Athwyborn's Avatar

03.01.2012 , 07:07 PM | #1

Does anyone have this issues on a party and Join conversation portrait. The party member's head picture is covered in artifact.

Just bought this Sapphire HD 6850 a month ago, and it was fine. I hope this is a new bug and not my GPU =/

Dxdiag log

Bronholz's Avatar

03.02.2012 , 12:40 AM | #2 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Greetings Athwyborn,

I would ask you to please try updating your graphics card drivers, as they do not seem to the latest available versions.

Please also try running the repair function on your launcher, find this under the cog icon on the launcher, this will check your files for any corruptions.

Please try these steps to see if this resolves the issue.

Thank you for your continuing patience in this matter.
Bronholz | BioWare Customer Service Forum Support

Kadra's Avatar

03.02.2012 , 01:55 AM | #3
This will not resolve the problem as this is a game issue. Happened both to me and a few of my friends on various hardware. It might be that portraits get messed up due to packet loss, though the chance is very slim if the code itself is alright.

Neulwen's Avatar

03.24.2012 , 04:08 PM | #4
I've been getting this aswell for the past few days. I have a Radeon HD 6950, but had it for months, and this issue only started a few days ago.

It happens only on empty party portraits, i.e. for party members that are too far away to show their actual picture. When the party member gets into range, the portrait is correctly displayed.

I've tried re-installing my graphics driver, but no change. And yes, I keep my driver updated.
The electrons are singing.

Dorfis's Avatar

03.24.2012 , 04:24 PM | #5
Have this same issue with AMD driver 12.2, 12.3 betas, 12.4 betas and RC11.

7970 user here. Does not happen with my nVidia system. I've chalked it up to a bug with AMD drivers.

Lagwin's Avatar

03.24.2012 , 04:29 PM | #6
old and new maybe...they did have a black box where your artifact is and on most portraits in groups but the supposedly fixed that...what you have looks like it may be related due to the placement of it or it could just be completely new/driver the high AA setting in the game giving artifacts allover the place.

Busko's Avatar

04.09.2012 , 05:46 PM | #7
This is defently something they did to the game. As this happen for me from one patch to another AND again they will tell you to get newest drivers problem is i had the newest drivers then......

Pixelex's Avatar

02.06.2014 , 08:18 AM | #8
I got this problem, too. Repair does not fix it. Sometimes I see these pixels on the loading screen of planets in the planets name, too!

Anyone a fix for this?