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Broken launch/passwords

burnszy's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 10:36 AM | #1
I have gotten an email to get early access and cannot get in no matter what I try. I was in stress beta nov 24-28 and so didnt need to pre-load but have been getting those Main Asset updates thru launcher until last night.

I click on link in early access email and all it does is link me to that pre-load page I dont need and does nothing for me because it says code is already in use so stuck there.

I click on launcher on desktop and try to login in there and it says my password is no good- i have had to reset password at least five times in past 2 months- which is absurd.

I try to reset my password and that system in just broken- says I have to try to recover again and same thing for hours now so fed up.

Anyone have any bright ideas I'm all ears.

One last thing- would it really have been difficult to do some simple to follow instructions for all the people who beta tested on Nov 24-28 or later EXACTLY what steps to follow to get early access?