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Recommendations for First HM FP and gear

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02.27.2012 , 07:03 PM | #1
Hello All,

My guild and I have been having some trouble with the early Hard Mode flashpoints and operations. We have been trying to get geared up and watch/read the guides online but we are still having trouble defeating some of the early Hard Mode flash points.

We usually roll with one tank (Guardian) , one healer (Sage), and two DPS. Most of us have gotten the 124 rating gear from the Dailies on Belsavis and Illum. However, we are still having trouble clearing the levels.

What are your suggestions for which HM FP to try and defeat first, and what level of gear is recommend?

We have tried Esseles but the first boss (Lt. Issic) kills us within 15 - 20 seconds, we have been told by others that Esseles is really hard compared to some of the others so we have not gone back to try it to many times.

On Taral V, against the Droid PD-44, we can get him down to 30 -45 K hp and he hits the enrage timer and we wipe. Against Lord Hasper we get pulled into the room and get wiped by the force storm. I have seen the guides suggesting interrupting his channeled force lighting and running from the room when he begins the force storm, but we haven't survived the fight yet.

We have since decided to continue on the daily quests and finish off the rest of the normal mode flash points before trying again. So some recommendations and suggestions with more experience would be really helpful and appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,


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02.27.2012 , 07:34 PM | #2
Taral V is the easiest (if you skip the bonus boss) -- I am not sure why you are having problems with the droid, your gear sounds plenty good enough.

You could also try False Emperor (skip the bonus boss) -- that is fairly easy as well.

After that it gets a bit tough. In Maelstrom if you can get past the guy with the eye (he has a tight enrage time) the other bosses are not bad. The trick to Ironfist in Essels is to always interrupt his headshot -- generally requires at least two people rotating interrupts.

Also, normal mode ops is by far faster in terms of getting geared instead of HM FPs if you can get the 8-folks that is required (do EV normal mode -- KP is a bit tougher).

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02.28.2012 , 06:37 AM | #3
The easiest to hardest in my opinion:

Maelstrom Prison > Esseles > Taral V > Battle of Ilum > False Emperor > Directive 7

Infact, most of them are pretty easy anyway. I highly recommend you use orange gear with purple mods (from the Ilum dailies) or even PvP armor if you can get it.
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