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Black Talon Drop Rate Issues

bromel's Avatar

02.03.2012 , 01:31 AM | #1
Dear All,
I know there are a few other threads regarding this issue, yet i believe sometimes is good to repeat things in order to get them done/fixed.

Taking a break from my main character, i decided to play a bit with a Mercenary. Reaching the 11th level, i completed the Black Talon Flashpoint once and since the gear set "Black Talon Hunter" dropped a few pieces i decided to farm.

I have completed the FP 10 times and still, the set is not complete...I keep getting the boots and the chest which i have more than 8 times in my inventory, have also obtained the Blaster 2 times but i cannot get -no matter what- the gloves, the leggings and the helmet...

-The Gloves/Helmet are considered a "Trash" drop btw !!!-

Now, speaking with other players too, everyone has this problem...
I realise that getting a complete gear set has to be a bit difficult but seriously, 10 times isn't enough ? I've heard stories of 20 runs too... o_O

Moreover, i should mention that the reason i am still being bugged about this issue is simply because now my character is 17 lvl and still i am wearing the BT Hunter Items i got from my 11th lvl run...That means that obtaining this gear set is crucial as to how easily you can start questing on Dromun Kaas and how awesome your character will look at the beggining :-)

PLEASE, fix this.

I hope i'll get a few +++ for this and not dust in my face :P
+ + + + + + =
Boondock McManus Mercenary @ Starstorm One

FariaFirst's Avatar

02.26.2012 , 08:30 AM | #2
I have gotten the Hunter body 3 times, the blaster (I've seen it drop multiple times), the boots 4 times, the gloves (I've only seen it drop once from a trash mob).

I've never seen the headgear or the legs. I'm at the point where I'm rolling through the instance solo in less then an hour. I think the problem is that most of the blues drop from trash mobs. The bosses are guaranteed to drop something. Trash mobs don't have to drop anything. I lot of people think there is a bug, but I doubt it. I played FFXI for 5 years and there was plenty of gear that I simply never saw drop.