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Improving Nightmare Mode Soa

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02.21.2012 , 03:36 PM | #1
First off, this isn't a complaint post about Soa. I was bored at work and came up with ideas of how I would improve this fight. Now, I don't expect the fight to be changed. Nor am I asking for it to be changed. But I thought it would be fun to play Dev for a moment and see how I would go about making the Soa encounter if I were in charge of it.

These ideas are primarily for Nightmare Mode. Like most people on this forum, I want to be challenged at the games I play. I raided in WoW for the last 7 years even led a top 50 guild back in TBC. So I'm familiar with raiding and what should go into the "hardest" mode of the fights. I am not quitting this game any time soon, so I want to see it succeed, like most people.

So anyway, here are my ideas for making Soa feel more epic and be more of a challenge.

For the most part, Phase 1 is fine. Most Phase 1's in fights are easy and don't put up a lot of resistance when it comes to people getting past it. One change I would make though is I would have Ball Lightning in Phase 1 but it would act a bit differently. Maybe even call it something else.

Ball Lightning/Lightning Orb: Soa places lightning orbs on a random target that will tick three times before they finally explode. It will do moderate damage to the person with the debuff but heavy damage to anyone within 10m.

People would need to stay more aware during phase 1 and make sure they don't blow up the entire raid.

One more change I might make is I would have Soa keep up his lightning shield which would reduce the damage he takes by 30%. This would mainly be there to keep people from going through phase 1 too quickly.

Everything else would stay the same and he would keep spawning the void zone things he does in the other modes.

TRANSITION PHASES (both transition phases would be the same)
I would add a few changes to the transition phases and make them a little harder than just jump down and eventually get to the bottom.

First thing I'd do is making the pillars on each platform do moderate AOE damage. It has to be enough damage where if they are kept up too long, it would wipe the raid. Increase the HP of the pillars as well so they aren't killed fast, but not to the point where they can't be killed before he destroys the platform. There should definitely be an urgency though. The pillars AOE would activate when someone touches the platform it is on and will be zone wide, so just running past it wouldn't be an option.

Aside from that, give Soa 10 stacks of his lightning charge rather than the 5 he has now.

I would keep the lightning orbs the same here. People will need to find their orb, run to it, and blow it up. But that is probably the only thing I'd keep the same.

As for Mind Traps, they need to punish the person inside them somehow. Right now they don't do anything except take the person out of the fight for the duration they are in the trap. While in the trap, the Image of Soa should do a moderate aura AOE that will kill someone if they are in there too long. By killing the Image of Soa, it would stop the AOE. The Image of Soa's HP would need to be buffed as right now he can be killed in a matter of seconds. Healers would have to be able to heal through the damage while inside. Players are still freed from the Mind Trap when it's destroyed.

I would also change the the throw he does. Soa would put up a shield that makes him immune to interrupts and begin throwing someone around the room. This shield would need to be broken and his cast interrupted before he eventually kills the person by slinging them around too much. Also, when the shield is broken, it would explode and hit everyone in the room for moderate damage, maybe 10k or so. The person being thrown around would be immune to this damage.

This phase would also require two tanks as Soa would stack a debuff on his current threat target that decreases healing received by 10% and increases damage taken by 10%. Tanks would continually have to taunt off each other in order to remove their debuff and make it easier on the healers.

I would keep the immunity shield on Soa and have him kited around to the pillars like it is currently.

One big change I would make to Phase 3 is his weakened phase. After Soa is weakened, he will gain his energy back, unleashing it on the raid for 17k unmitigated damage. This damage can't be resisted or mitigated in any way. You also won't be able to out range it, so healers would need to be on the ball keeping people alive during this phase. He would do this AOE after every weakened phase once he recovers from it.

Soa will no longer debuff the tank, but would instead summon adds each time he is weakened. These adds would come out during each weakened phase and begin channeling on him (as if they are helping him trying to get his shield back.) Once he gets his shield back, the adds will then aggro on the raid, so they will need to be picked up by the second tank. All this will happen at the same time he is doing his powerful raid wide AOE, so the picking up of the adds will need to be pretty flawless so they don't damage anyone under that 17k HP threshold. These adds will need to be killed.

Mind Traps and Ball Lightning would still work the same.

This phase would just go until he's either dead or he enrages making his AOE ability unlivable.

Any ideas people might want to add would be awesome. I think community can play a big part in this game and in helping Bioware understand what it's player base really wants.
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02.21.2012 , 05:11 PM | #2
Some of these are good ideas, but they shouldn't rework a fight we've been killing for weeks and weeks now, and rather save these ideas for the new tier.

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02.21.2012 , 08:28 PM | #3
I don't expect anything to be changed. Like I said, this was done mostly for fun and because I was bored at the time. But wanted to show how much more in depth Soa could have been.
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Looking for highly skilled, progression oriented people for end game raiding.
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