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Reference for Formal Apology to the Republic

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02.21.2012 , 07:28 PM | #1
In order to help keep track of the vast amount of roleplaying in the Formal Apology to the Republic thread, I decided to create this reference thread to help keep track of everything. Hope everyone who reads this likes it!

EDIT: Listed Skradin's cause of death

Character List

The main characters of the story.

Canon = The ones who followed the class storylines in-game


Master Raii Velan, Hero of Tython - drfumblez
Male Human Jedi Knight (Sentinel) - Canon JK
Age 32
Master Raii is one of the best swordsmen of the Jedi, and has dedicated his life to stopping the Emperor. Proud, but well-intentioned, Raii is willing to accept any help to stop the Emperor, even if Sith themselves. Doesn't honestly care for the newly reheated war. Master of Niman, Ataru, and Jar'Kai lightsaber combat.

Hailed as a prodigy as a young adult, Raii has never lacked for confidence. He finished his Padawan training years ahead of schedule, and has already done more than most Knights accomplish in their life time. However, forced to be Sith for months as a result of the Emperor's power before returning to the Jedi, Raii is now highly cynical of most decisions made by the Council, frequently arguing with them about the place of Jedi in the galaxy and the Code itself.
Has a secret relationship to Jedi Knight Kira Carsen, his Companion. New master to Erlunas.

Jedi Erlunas Marr - Maaruin
Female Miralukan Jedi Consular (Sage)
After a short, force guided training on Tython, she became Jedi at young age. Her eagerness to help others and her blind/childish faith in Jedi teachings push her forward (and sometimes into problems). After accomplishing some difficult missions on her own, she decided to join Master Raii to fight the Emperor. So she became a Padawan again.

Currently deceased; kill by Darth Nox before her redemption.

Zhara Sindri, Knight of the Republic - LogicLoup
Female Miraluka Jedi Knight (Sentinel)
Born and raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Zhara was once an idealistic adherent to the Jedi Code. After the Sacking of Coruscant and completion of her training on Tython, Zhara traveled the galaxy at the behest of the Council, serving as a liaison between the Jedi Order and the Army of the Republic, offering aid to the war effort as needed. It was during this term of service that she met and fell in then-unexpressed love with Doctor Archiban Kimble, whose full name is perhaps the worst-guarded secret in the galaxy.
In the aftermath of her self-appointed mission to accompany Erlunas into deep cover on Korriban, Zhara was taken as an apprentice by Darth Kovrai, who instructed her in methods of channeling passion into combat effectiveness. These lessons eventually led to Zhara's downfall. Though still seeking to defend those who would be otherwise helpless, her methods have taken a turn for the darkly pragmatic.

Knight Xatras - Gelious
Male Human Jedi Knight (Guardian)
A staunch believer that all Sith are evil no matter what, Xatras' beliefs have brought him into trouble multiple times with the Jedi Council. He believes in accomplishing peace through any means necessary. It seems it's only a matter of time before he falls to the Dark Side forever...
Formerly held Master rank before being demoted for ambushing Isaac on a peaceful meeting.


Darth Usitvul Proventus- xWKSxTabor
Male Zabrak Sith Warrior (Marauder)
Age 28
Darth Proventus is a powerful Sith warrior, master of Ataru and Jar'Kai forms of combat. He is not only a master of combat, he is also a master manipulator. Born a Zabrak, few know this fact due to the fact that he wears a helmet that hides his features.He is calmer than most Sith, able to control his emotions without outburst. Fanatically loyal to the Empire itself (Not necessarily Emperor), many wonder what goes on behind the mask.

Darth Proventus now sits on the Dark Council as head of the Pyramid of War, due to his ties with the Empire's military.

Darth Kovrai Khryseai - Karaiblis
Female Human Sith Warrior (Marauder)
Age 35
Supports the Empire above all, follows the Sith code to the expense of emotional control (but not sentience). Philosophically hates the Jedi code, and has a personal grudge against the Jedi. She doesn't speak to them if she can help it, unless she's playing a role to subvert them (a favorite hobby). She's willing to work with Jedi for the good of the Empire, but don't expect her to look out for them as a real teammate would in battle. Utterly hates Darth Baras, and respects Isaac due to the fact that he single-handedly killed Baras in combat.

Darth Emerage, Overseer of Korriban's Academy - Gelious
Male Human Sith Inquisitor (Sorcerer)
An experienced and powerful user of the Dark Side, Emerage believes that in order to achieve true greatness all Sith must always control their emotions and don't give in into destructive callings of the Dark Side. Emerage even went as far as trying to relay his ideas to the Dark Council, when he was appointed to become it's member, but was laughed at and sent to Korriban's Academy to teach acolytes proper ways of the Sith as an ironic punishment. Instead, he started to secretly spread his own ideas among the students and eventually became an ally of Darth Isaac. Emerage hates members of the Dark Council, especially Ravage.

Currently deceased; killed by Darth Nox.

Vash Thuzad/Darth Nox - DarthThuzad
Female Human Sith Inquisitor (Sorcerer) - Canon SI
Age 26
Vash Thuzad once sat on the Dark Council of the Sith Empire as Darth Nox, betraying and killing many to get there. Having a tragic past, she wanted nothing more than to usurp the Empire and burn everyone else. She has an excellent affinity in the force, being frighteningly proficient with Force lightning and its variants while being skilled in the Makashi form of lightsaber combat. She, like many Sith, is a cold, ruthless, promiscuous, and unforgiving woman, while being reasonable enough to spare those she has immediate use for. She is intelligent in the realms of Sith alchemy and ancient Sith Knowledge.

As of recent events, she has been redeemed by Kira Carsen, and though currently independent, Vash works to help Omega destroy the Emperor. Her greatest struggle is ensuring Darth Nox does not reemerge, this task made more complicated by Omega and Republic affiliates harassing her at every turn or clashing with her at every turn.


The Alabasters - Ardim

- Darth Isaac the Paragon, The Supreme Commander of Omega
Male Human Sith Warrior (Marauder) - Canon SW
Age 24
Darth Isaac is one of the strongest Sith warriors in the galaxy. However, unlike most Sith, Isaac is actually honorable and fair. Darth Isaac serves the Emperor as his undying Wrath, though he seems to have ulterior goals besides maintaining his position. He is currently married to Vette.

As of recent events, he has been declared a traitor to the Empire and has been stripped of his Wrath position. However, it seems all that has done is hasten his plans for the future.

After the death of Emerage, Isaac has unleashed his master plan upon the galaxy: Omega; Destroy the Empire and its Emperor and create a new free government for the people to preserve free will, which he believes is not possible with the Republic due to the corruption and the Empire due to its tyrannical nature.

- Skradin Alabaster, Field and Space Commander of Omega, and Empire's Most Wanted
Male Human Bounty Hunter (Mercenary) - Canon BH
Age 28
Skradin is a freelance bounty hunter who is frequently employed by the Empire. He is the older brother of Darth Isaac, and has never lost a fight to him. He has a sense of honor like his younger brother, except for when he is in combat where everything's fair game. He is currently without question the most skilled bounty hunter in the galaxy.

He has an inhuman pain tolerance, once defeating a target while he had a broken arm, half-destroyed armor, two broken ribs, and a concussion. He is currently married to Mako.

Currently deceased; killed by Darth Azear.

As of Omega, he and his brothers have been made the Most Wanted criminals by the Empire.

- Agent W., Also known as Wash. Commonly known by the Galaxy as the Shadow Dealer
Male Human Imperial Agent (Operative) - Canon IA
Age 21
Little is known about the man known as Agent W. No one save his brothers has seen his true face and know his true name. In his very little sightings, he has proven to be lethal and highly trained in the ways of sabotage, espionage, and assassination. However, he mainly functions as a information broker of sorts (OOC: The result of what would happen if the Shadow Broker in ME was mixed with a ninja), serving neither Empire nor Republic, but himself and his brothers.

Dark Raii - drfumblez
Male Human Sith? - (Unknown class)
A manifestation of Raii's time as a Sith under the control of the Emperor, Dark Raii is the highly corrupted, completely opposite version of Raii that developed after seeing the third vision of Revan. He has but two goals in existence: Take Raii over, and take Kira for his own. Everything else to him, is just another way to pass the time until he can do both.

Knowing all of Raii's skill as a Jedi, combined with secrets unknown to most Sith about the Force, Dark Raii is a deadly combatant, murderous in his fights. Raii is not the only one who fears for the galaxy if Dark Raii wins over Raii's body.

As of recent events, Dark Raii has been consumed by Raii and is now deceased.

Xynri - Zethrodek
Female Zabrak Smuggler (Gunslinger) - Canon Smuggy
Age 27
Xynri has been to places; left to fend for herself as a teenager after her parents passed on. She was able to get a ship with that inheritance, and her 3rd delivery went wrong on Ord Mantell. To make a long story short, she got her ship back on Coruscant and recently went from a desert planet to the temperate Alderaan. However, for purposes of killing boredom, Xynri has decided to offer her services for use.

Story So Far (Summary)

NOTE: I think it's safe to say story "officially" started with Isaac meeting with the Jedi Council on Tython. Made this as accurate as I possibly could.

The Empire and Republic are at war, and both sides are evenly matched. The Emperor's Wrath, Isaac Alabaster, has other plans than just serving as the Emperor's enforcer. Part of them is to kill the Emperor himself. Using his younger brother Agent W.'s databanks, he has found a way to kill the Emperor and now seeks allies to help him fulfill his goal. His first step is to visit the Jedi Council on Tython, a journey full of risk and danger for a Sith like him.

Skradin and Isaac journey to Tython, and there he reveals his method to kill the Emperor to the Jedi Council: A ritual was once performed by an ancient Jedi Master named Juron Yasiro to defeat a creature of the Void and Isaac believes the same ritual can be used to kill the Emperor. Before the two brothers can leave however, they are intercepted by two radical Jedi Masters who engage them in a vicious fight.

The brothers emerge victorious with the help of Jedi Master Raii, who is the same Jedi who slew the Emperor in his weakened form, Jedi Erlunas and Jedi Zhara, and the two Jedi Masters are imprisoned for their actions. Raii however is heavily injured by his love interest, Kira Carsen.

After the fight, Isaac receives a message that he has been called to trial before the Dark Council to explain his actions. He formulates that there is a high chance it will not end well with him, and so is forced to hatch a sinister plan.

After the group deliver the wounded Raii and Jedi Masters back to the Temple and the brothers leave, Agent W. proceeds with Isaac's plan: Seize Jedi Master Raii as a backup in case the trial does not bode well in Isaac's favor, and Kira to keep Raii under control. Agent W. succeeds in capturing both Kira and Raii. Raii is promptly frozen into carbonite. However, Agent W. takes matter into his own hands and pushes Kira to the brink of insanity, believing that Raii will not reach his full potential with her at his side and thus fail at slaying the Emperor.

Isaac arrives on Korriban, with Darth Vowrawn as his defense. Witnesses are called, including Darth Proventus. The trial surprisingly proceeds well for Isaac until the Emperor himself intervened and effortlessly defeats Isaac. He is forced to save his own life by delivering the frozen Raii to the Academy.

The Wrath journeys to one of his brother's secret bases and angrily confronts him for taking matters into his own hands. Agent W. is left with a large amount of guilt and regret after the showdown. The two plot to secretly free Raii from the Academy.

Unaware to the two however, Erlunas and Zhara has decided to infiltrate the Academy to free Raii; disguised as acolytes. The two learn new tricks there while resisting the temptation of the Dark Side. Meanwhile, Isaac has contacted Lord Scourge, the former Wrath and delivered to him the coordinates of Raii, knowing that he will succeed in saving the frozen Jedi Master.

Raii is soon unfrozen however, and is forced to endure torture from Darth Ravage and the other denizens of the Academy.

Zhara eventually becomes the apprentice of Darth Kovrai, and Isaac journeys to Korriban after the Emperor ordered him to kill Ravage for his actions, which the Wrath effortlessly succeeds in doing.

Isaac moves on with the next phase of his plan: Find Revan. Due to the fact that Isaac defeated Revan in combat (barely), but never delivered the death blow, he believes Revan may still be alive.

At Agent W.'s info, he explores a derelict ship on Taris, and encounters the ghost of the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik, who gives him a vision of three possible locations where he could find Revan.

Later, he meets with Darth Nox of the Dark Council and forms an uneasy alliance with her. She gives him the location of Lehon, one of three possible places Agent W. believes Revan could be at. Isaac asks her to search for Revan on Nathema, as she can walk upon its surface longer than him.

Nox soon visits Nathema to find Revan, but finds specters waiting for her, one the Emperor before the destruction of the planet. When she vanquishes them, she is given an astronavigation chart and a message saying that she had completed "The first of three." She forwards the chart to Isaac.

Isaac visits Lehon at around the same time, and encounters a specter of Darth Bane from the future. He defeats him and receives a vision that is unclear at this time, and a message saying he had completed "The second of three."

Soon, Raii regains his strength and Scourge frees him. The two make their escape, aided by Zhara and Erlunas. They all escape, but not before Raii defeats Darth Marr in combat.

Knowing that Raii is free via his brother's information network, Isaac contacts Raii, who angrily demands Kira back. The two meet on Nar Shaddaa briefly, but Nox has Dragga the Hutt's agents intervene and kidnap Kira with the intent of turning her to the Dark Side.

The two form a shaky alliance to find Revan, and Isaac leaves the task of rescuing Kira to Agent W. so he can journey to the Endar Spire on Taris: the final location in Meetra Surik's vision to Isaac. Raii, Isaac, Zhara, Erlunas, and Skradin explore the ship, but Zhara and Skradin are knocked unconscious. Isaac and Raii come face to face with deeply corrupted versions of themselves, who they defeat. Zhara, Raii, and Isaac receives fragments of Revan's past, and the vision Isaac received on Lehon is cleared: Revan is on Rekkiad.

Skradin leaves the ship to help Agent W. save Kira on Nar Shaddaa and the group travels to Rekkiad.

Meanwhile on Nar Shaddaa, Nox has successfully turned Kira to the Dark Side, but Agent W. quickly learns of this thanks to one of his undercover agents known as Shadow Seven.

Shadowing one of Dragga's operatives who participated in Kira's kidnapping, he learns the location of Dragga's base and also learns that Dragga was also once a member of the Star Cabal, an enigmatic group in possession of the Black Codex which contains almost all of the galaxy's secrets before Agent W. destroyed them and seized it for himself.

Together with Skradin, he successfully infiltrates Dragga's base of operations to retrieve the location of Nox's base from the Hutt, killing the Eye of Dragga, Dragga's most elite agent and the one who kidnapped Kira, in the process. Skradin kills Dragga after learning the location while Agent W. fights against the Eye, and Skradin uploads the information to Agent W. before taking off after the base himself. Proventus is also made a Dark Council member around this time.

On Rekkiad, Isaac has finally found Revan, who joins up with the group and offers his advice on ending the Emperor's life...


The story continues:


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02.21.2012 , 09:34 PM | #2
Considering how many people Wash has under his command (Minor characters for the win ), I decided to create a post specifically for those people. So far, all we've seen are the Shadows and Ghost Squad, but there will most likely be more. This should help keep track of them all.

The Operatives of the Shadow Dealer


"Greetings. I am the personal AI of the Shadow Dealer, made to his likeness and to be his successor should he die. My name is Jarude. You are about to access top secret files concerning each of his operatives. This information is highly confidential, and you will be subject to a polygraph test as you leave. Have a nice day."


Shadow One - Alex
- Shadow One, known as Alex, is the undisputed leader of all the other Shadow agents. He is the field leader in an operation that involves other Shadows, and is the first to be trained by [IDENTITY REDACTED]. Subject displays uncanny leadership, flirtatious attitude towards women, excessive joking, and deadly calm in combat.

Shadow Two - Tanim
- Shadow Two, known as Tanim, is the deadliest of the Shadows, surpassing even One in terms of combat skills. He possesses an affinity for bladed weapons and video footage of him almost always contains him using a knife to kill his targets. Subject serves as an XO to One. Whereas One is a joker, Two is always serious and is the most quiet.

Shadow Three - Sarah
- Shadow Three, known as Sarah, is the smartest and most adaptive of the Shadows, able to come up with brilliant plans and maneuvers on the spot and is the least likely to be shocked should a new development come up. Subject is in a relationship with Shadow One.

Shadow Four - Branden
- Shadow Four, known as Branden, is the top tech expert and most skilled hacker of the group. He possesses a calm similar to Shadow Two, and never panics in the midst of hacking or slicing, knowing the consequences could be fatal. Subject displays anti-social behavior to others except for the other Shadows and [IDENTITY REDACTED], but even then, he is quite distant.

Shadow Five - Item
- Shadow Five, known as Item, is the medic and doctor of the family. He has saved countless lives before becoming a Shadow, possessing a vast knowledge of medicine but has also taken many lives, earning him the nickname "The Surgeon of Death" from the other Shadows, much to his chagrin when he prefers to save lives. Subject likes to read books during leave, distancing himself from others, but not to the point of Shadow Four.

Shadow Six - Kamik - KIA
- Shadow Six, known as Kamik, possesses a rather.... unique is the best word to describe it, wit. He is the most persuasive of the Shadows, once even managing to convince an enemy to commit suicide. Subject enjoys taunting adversaries and watching them fumble and make mistakes. Killed in action by former Jedi Master Xatras during raid of Shadow Dealer's base on [LOCATION REDACTED].

Shadow Seven - James
-Shadow Seven, known as James, is the stealthiest of the Shadows. During every session of basic training, none of the opposing Shadow trainees were able to locate him and he was able to lay out deadly ambushes and utilized guerilla tactics. Subject heavily favors a sniper rifle (Though, like every other Shadow, is proficient with other weapons at all) and enjoys planning and initiating ambushes. Seven is also Four's closest friend, and is the one Four is most likely to trust in times of need.

Shadow Eight - Anna
- Shadow Eight, known as Anna, is the most diplomatic of the Shadows, and prefers to settle problems without her having to use her weapons. Subject is highly persuasive (Though not on the same level of persuasion as Shadow Six), and, like Shadow Two, possesses an affinity for bladed weapons (Though Two is more lethal). She is currently in a relationship with Shadow Ten.



Ghost One - Rasik
- Ghost One, the squad leader, is a tough, no-nonsense soldier. Formerly the second-in-command of an elite squad of commandos within the Empire, he left the Imperial military after a mission on [LOCATION REDACTED, MISSION CLASSIFIED AS TOP SECRET] opened his eyes, disgusted by the Empire's actions and racism towards aliens. Rasik is one of the first operatives recruited by the Shadow Dealer, and after time, has come to call the squad his family.

Ghost Two - Kenig
- Ghost Two, the second-in-command, is the tech and close-quarters combat specialist of the squad. He is known to favor the combat knife and possesses a warm, friendly personality in contrast to Rasik's gruff outlook. Kenig also possesses a crush on Ghost Three, but has yet to act on those feelings.

OOC: Will continue when I have time.
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02.21.2012 , 09:39 PM | #3
Also reserved for Future use.

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05.05.2012 , 10:39 PM | #4
OOC: Just for kicks.

The Galaxy and You: How to Survive Life in the Galaxy 101

Rule #567: When someones says you're their only hope, it's probably best if you don't up and die naked, leaving all your clothes on the floor.

Rule #876: When someone throws away a perfectly good couch, you are IMMEDIATELY required to take said couch back to your ship and install it as your pilot's chair. No exceptions.

Rule #1025: Hokey religions and ancient weapons are more than a match for a blaster at your side.

Rule #1026: Having someone around who doubts the above can also have its value.

Rule #1169: Even though a Sith smuggles a Jedi into the academy, do not attack either woman in a bout of insanity. She may not ever want to work with you again and would most definitely fall in love the Jedi you yourself are trying to turn to the Dark Side.

Rule #1293: The deal gets altered for the worse every time you ask. Pray it doesn't get altered any further

Rule #2013: These are definitely the droids you are looking for. I don't *********** care if the old man says they aren't, you shoot that bastard in the face for his "certain point of view" and take those Force-damned droids!

Rule #2273: When fighting a Kaleesh Sith, do not strike a winning blow in his...precious jewels, so to speak. He takes it as a sign of affection, and will take it beyond the grave if he has to.

Rule #3215: Tauntauns never forget.

Rule #3764: If you have to ask, no, it's most definitely not a moon.

Rule #5039: Never make deals with ghosts. Especially evil ones.
The Alabaster Legacy
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