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My honest opinion of the game.

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My honest opinion of the game.

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02.21.2012 , 12:23 PM | #1

This post is going to attract haters. I'm very sure about that. However, here is my honest opinion about the game.

I've been playing since pre-launch. I've run through several characters, 50, 42,18 and 2 respectively.

The game has been entertaining - up until the point where I tried to level my second character. The game has been utterly repetitive for me. It feels as if I'm simply repeating the same quests over, and over, and over. Because that's what we're doing. Repeating the quests. The game forces us to do every single quest on every single planet or we simply won't level up.

The game has lost its edge for me. I'm avoiding it nowadays. (Yes, I play PvP. I have a level 50 with near full champ gear).

Honestly, (and I know a lot of people disagree), it's just too much of a WoW/Everquest clone. Waiting 30 minutes for a quick travel? Exactly what's the reason for this, other than a direct copy of a skill from WoW?

Also, every class I've played so far has had a ton of useless skills. It's basically spamming 4-6 skills the entire time. It requires utterly no skill to play SWTOR.

Honestly, this game doesn't deliver on its promise of revolutionizing MMORPGs. I think that EA's marketing team used that term too freely.

All in all, the game's too repetitive. That's the main deal breaker for me.
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02.21.2012 , 12:31 PM | #2
peace. Oh and locked.
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