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Option for "Trading-up" Commendation.

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Option for "Trading-up" Commendation.

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02.20.2012 , 02:22 PM | #1
So Iíve been noticing as Iím finishing out my Champions gear set that I'm stacking up Centurion tokens, with literally no use for them at this point. So I figured I would post something and see if there is anything in the works to address this issue? Iím sitting on over 400 of them and it seems like thatís a real waste or resources for me because of the time put in to collect the bags to get them, and also a waste in game overall.
I think Bioware should implement a system that works just like warzone and mercenary commendations. Now I know 30 Centurion equaling 10 Champion seems a bit much, but something like 30 Centurion equaling 5 Champion would work. It would still take an equally manageable amount of time to farm the tokens just as you would farming 800 warzone commendations to buy a bag. Only now for every 2 champions bags you acquire you can get another 5 champions tokens if and when you have no need for the Centurion tokens anymore.
So basically the system would look something like thisÖ
ēChampion Bag = 15 Centurion, and 7 Champion Commendations.
ē30 Centurion Commendations = 5 Champions Commendations

1.)So for the weekly / daily pvp missions you would get 20 X Champion bags.
2.)15 Centurion tokens per bag or 300 total Centurion tokens.
3.)7 Champion tokens per bag or 140 total Champion tokens.
4.)Leaving you with an extra 50 Champion tokens from turning in Centurion tokens.

190 total Champion tokens possible with Centurion token turn-ins from missions for the week. An increase of 50 from what is already possible, or less than 1 peice of gear.
*disclaimer* This doesn't include farmed Champions bags only bags acquired by missions.
Does this seem like a feasible option to this problem? Iíd like to see insight from others players.This is just a spitball idea. So please donít be too harsh.
I would like to see something done to address this so I don't feel like I'm just wasting resources...
Iím not sure if this has been addressed yet on the swtor forums so please donít rip my head off if it has as I didnít look through the forums much before posting this.

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02.20.2012 , 02:23 PM | #2

Excellent idea bro, +1.

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02.20.2012 , 02:25 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Yescek View Post

Excellent idea bro, +1.

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02.20.2012 , 02:26 PM | #4
They're getting rid of the bag system and allowing you to purchase gear through Warzone and Ranked WZ commendations in 1.2. It's in the Q&A from last Friday.
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02.20.2012 , 02:27 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by alement View Post
They're getting rid of the bag system and allowing you to purchase gear through Warzone and Ranked WZ commendations in 1.2. It's in the Q&A from last Friday.
Awesome I will go look that over now. Thank you for the heads up.

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02.20.2012 , 02:28 PM | #6
Would be nice to see something like this implemented, but the whole bag system is changing in 1.2 so we'll just have to wait and see what they have in store.
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02.20.2012 , 02:28 PM | #7
I think you should be able to go from Warzone comms all the way to Battlemaster comms.