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Issue with lore of game

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02.19.2012 , 12:17 PM | #1
My one major issue with this game has to do with the lore.

The information about the game states that this takes place 3000 years before the movies. ... Three Thousand Years.

I'll admit, I only have the changes that occurred on the Earth to compare to, but over 3000 years, we've made a lot of changes. Even taking into account that this realm has space travel and covers a lot of planets, that technology may have been stagnated for quite some time, I still cannot accept that the setting has not changed for 3000 years.

Why do they refer to rebuilding the Jedi? Has the Jedi culture fallen multiple times?
Why haven't clothing styles changed?
Why isn't there a difference in technology? Imperial cruisers are the same ship, but 3000 years later, they invent/create the death star?
Why isn't there any differences in various cultures?
Why is The Republic there? It would make more sense to me if we were helping The Republic get formed, not defending it from The Empire.
Why is The Empire even there? (I'll admit on this question, I don't know the lore of when The Empire was created, but considering that Palpatine was a senator in Episode 1 and the emperor in Episode V, I thought that the Empire was FORMED during the time of the movies, as a split from The Republic, and therefore should not even exist 3000 years ago.)

The TEXT states that this is so very long ago, and yet the actual game setting seems like it is the actual time, possibly even after the movies, rather than before.


Every time something in the game reminds me that the setting for the game supposedly is 3000 years before the story, it jars me out of it so bad it gives me a headache.

~ Cerilynn

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02.19.2012 , 01:13 PM | #2
On the one hand, SWTOR's lore is drawing on a lot of sources that, from the sounds of things, you haven't seen or read. Which is fine, it's pretty obscure stuff by comparison. The Tales of the Jedi comics, the KOTOR games, and other Star Wars media set in the time period three-four thousand years before the movies.

On the other hand, SWTOR's look is intentionally drawing on the original movies and prequels, to give the feeling that even though it's not set during the time of the Rebellion, it's still a Star Wars game.

That might be where the confusion comes in. To summarise your questions...

Quote: Originally Posted by Cerilynn View Post
Why do they refer to rebuilding the Jedi? Has the Jedi culture fallen multiple times?
Probably, yes. Most recently, during the events of the Knights of the Old Republic games set 300 years before SWTOR; those two games form a prequel of sorts to SWTOR.

Why haven't clothing styles changed?
Perhaps they will; it's possible that fashion undergoes many changes in the next 3,000 years, only to eventually come back to something like this. Or, basically: so it looks familiar.

Why isn't there a difference in technology? Imperial cruisers are the same ship, but 3000 years later, they invent/create the death star?
The technology in the Star Wars universe seems to have plateaued. They don't seem to have anywhere else to go. Plus, various galactic disasters will lead to a few 'dark ages' during which the progress of science will regress.

Why isn't there any differences in various cultures?
It's possible that the Republic's influence has homogenised the cultures of its member worlds somewhat.

Why is The Republic there? It would make more sense to me if we were helping The Republic get formed, not defending it from The Empire.
The Republic is very old; by the time of SWTOR, it has already existed in some form for 20,000 years. Part of the reason that Palpatine is able to destroy it is that it's so ancient that it's become completely corrupt, inefficient and tired.

Why is The Empire even there?
It's a different Empire; not the Galactic Empire that Palpatine forms, but the Sith Empire, conquered by the armies of Sith Lords that fled the Republic into deep space long ago.

It's quite possible that Palpatine takes inspiration for some of the visual elements of his Empire - Star Destroyers, uniforms etc - from this Sith Empire. After all, Palpatine is the heir of the same Sith tradition that the Sith of SWTOR follow...

tl;dr version: they're trying to make it look like the movies but set it long ago so they can do their own stories.
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02.19.2012 , 04:40 PM | #3
It really comes down to this: BW and EA are trying to reach as many SW fans as possible. Thus, you'll see familiar trappings no matter if you're an OT fan, a PT fan or a younger fan of the Clone Wars series. As the above poster said, Star Wars has a certain "look," so no matter if it's 3000 years before or 3000 years after, there will be Jedi, Sith, lightsabers, Hutts as crime lords, similar starship design, Wookiees as slave labor and astromech droids.

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02.19.2012 , 05:23 PM | #4
There is a lot of good information on Wookieepedia. Go way back and you will find the Infinite Empire pretty much had conquered the known universe and taken many, many civilizations as slave states. Eventually a plague wiped out most of the Infinite Empire and many of the slave states rebeled and freed themselves. After several hundred years the Republic began to form from the free planets, somewhere around the year 25,000 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin).

The SWTOR game takes place during the two year period 3643-3641 BBY, so 21,500 years passed between the formation of the first republic and now. (You will also note several different calendars and timelines from different origins.)

Lots of history out there, and you are correct that many things have not changed of the many millennia. Sometimes I too think it is strange...but for extremely advance civilizations the incremental changes in technology might be far smaller leaps than we now see in our current world.

(Hard to know what exactly happened and why, but I think it is odd too.)

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02.19.2012 , 07:38 PM | #5
To answer your question about the Jedi, yes they have been fractured several times. The most numerous or famous of these events are called the Great Schisms. I think there are 4 Great Schisms, but I might be wrong on that.

As for space travel, space faring species have been in existence in the Star Wars universe for an extremely long time. You may have heard references to the Infinite Empire, the Rakata were the first or among the first space faring sentient beings. That being said, there are several planets that haven't been discovered yet that are in the Star Wars movies. Such as Endor, the homeworld of the Ewoks.

Technologically, just because ships have the same style doesn't mean they are less advanced than the movies. The ships in the movies had far more advanced Hyperdrives and shields than the ones in this game do. A prime example of technological advancement would be our forms of troop transport. Right now we have this big bug looking think, I think it is called an AT-TE, but I might be wrong. In the movies we have the AT-AT, which holds 40 troops (depending on interior configuration), 5 speeder bikes, and a couple of AT-STs (depending on interior configuration). The AT-AT also has very good weaponry and armoring by itself.

As for why the Empire is around, the Empire has been around since after the First Great Schism when the Exiles found the planet of Korriban and became rulers of the Sith Species on Korriban and Ziost. All Palpatine really did was follow the teachings of the Sith before him (Namely Darth Bane) and the grand plan finally came to fruition in his era. Palpatine was not the first Emperor, and he certainly isn't the last.
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