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Kaon Under Siege - something causing graphics driver restarts?

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Kaon Under Siege - something causing graphics driver restarts?

JasonFJ's Avatar

02.18.2012 , 11:23 PM | #1
I'm one of those people that have a flawless SWTOR experience. Running at 1900x1200 with maximum settings I haven't had any issues with graphics or sound anywhere in the SWTOR worlds.

However, the Kaon Under Siege flashpoint is the only instance in the game that is specifically messing up my graphics driver.

I ran Kaon Under Siege today (Hard Mode) for the first time, and for the first time my Nvidia GTX580 started to glitch every 10-12 minutes (sometimes 5min, sometimes 10, but at least once every 15 min). Basically, the screen would blank, the Nvidia fan would go loud for 2-3 seconds, and I'd get a "Nvidia driver has stopped responding and has successfully restarted".

Then everything would be fine and hopefully nobody died while my graphics was resetting.

Now I tried everything: running at lower resolutions (1280x1024, 1600x900) I tried running minimum graphic settings, disabled dual monitors, tried windowed mode, windows fullscreen and fullscreen. I even rebooted.

Nothing reliably worked although running lower resolution with full screen seemed to make the glitch less common - but it still happened. All the time, the GPU temp/CPU/fan was in normal range .

There was no real trigger that I could detect. I thought it was setting target markers or clicking a button (e.g. the UI was triggering something) but that wasn't repeatable. But also I run multiple FP's and Ops and have never had this issue.

There is something specifically about Kaon ... obviously environmental... that triggers something for me. Maybe it's an Nvidia issue (latest drivers though and no issues with any other games).

Anyway, I thought I might post this here just in case the devs can isolate something specific to Kaon that might be causing an otherwise rock solid client experience to be twitchy.

plopingo's Avatar

02.19.2012 , 05:23 AM | #2
Have SLI ?

Use antialiasing filtering ?