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Problem with PvP

ChaosLenny's Avatar

02.18.2012 , 04:48 PM | #1
First I'd like to say over all I dig Star Wars. It's a cool game. That being said I'm not too fond of PvP at this point. Read the forums and countless folks suggesting what could be done to make PvP better. Some really good suggestions. From Valor gained to the marks and bag system. When the patch went and now you get 15/7 marks from a bag, I figured awesome this will make it better. Way easier to plan for gear and to gear for that matter. However while I was getting some new pieces, it dawned on me...I'm still not having much fun in PvP.

So I thought about it and talked to some folks in my guild and on my server. One big problem is endless Huttball if your an Imp, that looks like it's going to be fixed somewhat with more same faction battlegrounds. I'd like to see balanced servers but most folks seem to think the Empire is cooler than the Republic. I have no idea how to make the Republic more appealing and that's not what this is about. The other big thing is PvP is pretty tedious. Same three warzones and Ilum which to gear means your doing it every day or most days of the week.

What gets me on Warzones and Ilum is you have to win, you have to be in a good group or ops group. Most folks pug pvp so it's a shot in the dark if your getting a good group or not. The other day on my server Darth Sion it took 12 fights to get three wins. It was a weekday so I was waiting between fights. I don't think daily should mean all day, I really don't. Same with Ilum let's say you keep off hours and you can't get an ops group, well then no daily.

So my suggestion/thought is why not make the daily simply three fights played a day and flood Ilum and outlaw's den with chests & armaments. With the warzones award extra valor and comms to the folks who win but if you lose it still ticks off towards the daily. This takes a lot of pressure and irritation out of a wz. Will people act like idiots and dance around in wz, well yes, but they were doing that now. People play like they play. Don't get me wrong you should get a bonus for winning but if your vesting four or five hours of playtime for the daily rather than one or two, it's just tedious. People might argue that folks wouldn't play as many battles, I agree. I would say though that more people would fight battles and tend to do the quest everyday. Thus more people are going to get battles.

Same with Ilum/Outlaws den. How do you get folks to pvp more well you have to stick them in front of each other. People are bored with Ilum and nobody goes to Outlaws Den. How do you get folks there flood the zone with armaments and chests. So people can do dailies fairly quick and/or pick up mercenary comms. If you give them gear they will come. So you are there grabbing your chest and you see a jedi/sith he takes your box. They got to pay next thing you know lighting and pebbles are flying. He's got some friends, you got some friends...Ilum and Outlaw's Den now have pocket fights going on all the time. Will people just collect chest and armaments at 4am, yes, but I think most will not and as they are collecting they'll start fighting in open world pvp.

So that's my thought taking the pressure to win out of the daily makes the grind for gear easier and the battleground more enjoyable. Tell me your having fun in Huttball when your team is down 5-0 and you've only got one win so far out of five fights. Where if it wasn't a big deal I think you'd be enjoying the game. That's what people want is just to have fun.

The hard core pvp people I think would be happy as well. They are still going to pvp all day reaping tons of valor and comms. They would have a larger player base as well to get battles with because more folks are pvping. Including a lot of casuals, and who doesn't like steamrolling a casual in greens. While at the same time the causal getting the beat down is happier because at least he's gearing. People are still going to want to win, folks are still going to want to dominate. Having to do so for gear though makes it tedious.

I would think Bioware wants there mmo to be a time sink rather than a grind. There will always be folks who want to dominate and play 12 hours a Battlemaster awaits but I think most folks just want to log in a couple hours a night and have fun...and renew for next month. The elite players I would think would be happier too you got a bunch of casuals playing that means a bunch of folks to dominate and gawk at your gear

So that's my thought. I'm sure folks will argue it and that's fine. This is actually the second post I've put up I'm not big into forums and if somebody has suggested this before sorry for the repeat. Seems a simple fix to a problem. It's not so much how hard/long it is to get gear but rather how fun the process of getting that gear is. Trying to get three wins a day even as a full Battlemaster can be horrid because you get stuck in bad groups, for the fresh fifty thinking, I have to do this everyday, I don't know I think that's why folks are not digging pvp more.

finetop's Avatar

02.18.2012 , 04:52 PM | #2
I'm not high enough to have played illum, so all for what it is worth... their needs to be some incentive for being on the lower pop faction. Better rewards, rewards the other faction can't get something..

As I understand Illum is just a campfest on imbalanced servers. No amount of gear or rewards that are pvped for will change this. Only in changing the way the factions are rewarded for pvp will it get fixed.

Give the lower pop faction better rewards, more legacy points, more rating, something, otherwise it will never balance out.