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Warning to BW about BB

MasterJediBlizz's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 11:40 AM | #1
Warning to BW "bestbuy goofs"

After ordering my game back in July from Best Buy,,then not getting my code for 2 days,,I went to Gamestop and got my code after paying the full price of the game right then and there.

Problem is,,I went back to BB and canceled my order after getting my code from gamestop. Yet,,best buy sent me an email a week after with a code,,,,then just today I get a link to download the game and yet another code?? All without paying a dime to them.(well a 5$ deposit that I canceled 2 days later)

Next time,,leave BB out of it,,,cuz now I hear there has bee a code shortage ?? Maybe cuz BB not only sent me 3 codes so far,,,but also sending me a DL link and code even after I didnt pay them for it and canceled . FACEPALM!!!! BB new motto?? " You got questions we have blank stares" .