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Consular/Trooper, Which to heal/tank?

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Consular/Trooper, Which to heal/tank?

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12.14.2011 , 10:21 PM | #1
I'm pretty decided that I want to play through the Consular and Trooper stories start to end. I intend to have one set up to heal, and one set up to tank. This is where I am having indecision.

Sage - Classic Priest/Cleric/Druid/Shaman style healing from just about every game imaginable. Uses a caster/force(mana) system. Very classic and familiar mechanics. Fits a very classic archetype from a RP point of view.

Shadow - I like the blend of stealth/force powers. I like the concept of tanking in light armor, and it seems to fit for a mirakuka female I am planning to roll for this class.

Vanguard - "Ranged" tanking sounds fun. I like the concept of easily being able to pick up mobs at range, and even maintain a decent amount of threat. It seems like a good classic trooper archetype as well.

Commando (medic) - Conceptually the abilities sound odd, and the resource mechanic seems odd for healing, but different can be fun, and the Commando gets the big effing gun, which just looks fun.

So, I'd love to hear some opinions on this. Try not to focus on any game balance issues because I'm sure the numbers will be tweaked significantly over time to try to keep them balanced.

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12.15.2011 , 12:40 AM | #2
The Trooper Vanguard is not a ranged tank. You may already know this. If you do, I apologise.

Vanguards do most of their tanking in melee or very short range - 10m or so, tops, versus like 30m for full distance attacks. Yes, you have the long ranged attacks and such that go with your base class, but the Vanguard AC and tanking tree stuff is melee or short range.

Shadow tanks would also be using short ranged attacks like Project and Telekinetic Throw in addition to their pure melee stuff.

The real difference, then, is in general style and flavour. The Consular tank is good at AoE threat, AoE debuff, and can stealth into mob spawns. The Trooper tank has a gap-closing leap ability. If I'm not mistaken, both classes have a grapple power that can pull an enemy mob towards yourself.

Really, I'd go with not so much the mechanics, but what feels right to you - conceptually and visually. Do you like the double lightsaber? If so, go with a Shadow. If not, do a Sage. Do you want your trooper to use a rifle, or do you like the idea of healshooting people with a BFG? And so on, so forth. Think about how it'd look on screen.

I want to run around with a saberstaff, so that made my own decision pretty clear.

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12.15.2011 , 03:55 AM | #3
shadow gets stealth and pull.
and get a double glowstick which is cool.
wears a dress even as shadow.

vanguard gets charge (can jump up levels in warzones too) and grappling hook.
generally has more cool-looking abilities based on electricity, and better passive tanking.

sage healing has more variety, and kites better with his knockbacks/slows.
commando healing is more static, but wears heavy armor, while also having some knockback/stun.

(i'm gonna have both a vanguard and commando. i just find troopers really cool.
but i just think that my first char should be a jedi... just because :P )
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12.15.2011 , 11:25 AM | #4
Seems you have a pretty good understanding of the differences, so in the end it is probably going to come down to a matter of "feel" more than anything else.

I myself am in basically the same position you are in. Wanted to have a shadow and a trooper as my first two, one a tank and one a healer. But I basically knew all along that I wanted to play a shadow tank, the whole idea of it is just really appealing to me. So I have a Mirialan Shadow Tank as my main and a human Trooper Commando healer as my first alt. I have to admit, there is something helluva fun about being a healer and still having this massive laser machine gun that is about the size of a redwood tree lol.

Really hard to go wrong whichever way you go though.
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