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So Bioware, is this how its gonna be?

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So Bioware, is this how its gonna be?

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02.17.2012 , 11:41 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Propanelgen View Post
So you nerf healing for mercs in the patch tuesday, for what?
Is your plan to screw over classes doing PvE for the sake of trying to balance PvP?
I mean come on, is this a joke?
Obviously you dont want my merc doing any healing, seeing as its doing considerably less healing generating the same amount of heat..
Nice job.
Huh? I don't speak drool.....

If you are talking abouth the 8 - 9% hit we and EVERYONE inlcuding Sorcs took in Surge, it is negligible at best. I went from 84 to 75 and found I was still 100 ish over the DR so I swapped out my equipment and added 80 power. This made my Surge 73 and gave my base heals a fairly decent boost.

If you average out the fact I was only critting 40% of the time it all evens out in the long run because all my other healing is now boosted by the Power I added.
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