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Why pvp and the game fails

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Why pvp and the game fails

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02.16.2012 , 05:32 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by TheC View Post
For some moronic reason BW thought it was a good idea to design every class and ability to look better for the empire. Hell... even the ships are better for the empire.
So of course there will be a huge population problem-then valor problem-then gear problem-then broken unfun pvp.

Thx BW for ruining the game for about 35% of your subs. You thought we were not serious when we said we play this game for pvp? I'd say u got about a month to get it together somehow because everyone doesnt want to be a sorcerer.
lol yea the sorcerors high end gear that makes them look like a giant multi colored condom with feathers is awesome compared to the traditional Jedi robes that sage gets. /dismissive ****

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02.16.2012 , 05:34 PM | #12
oh. and forgot to mention the horrible game engine. pvp on ilum lags no matter how beast your rig is.
When a battle brakes out of at least 20 on each side... the disconnects begin.

HEY!!! but the voice acting is awesome!!!!
"Nothing in this universe can you trust... Not beings, not beasts, not the force. This you can trust!."

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02.16.2012 , 09:47 PM | #13
Hey folks,

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