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Merc healing woes

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02.16.2012 , 11:21 AM | #1
Small rant here.

So, I get it that mercs are a heavy armor wearing healing class. I accept that there will be certain drawbacks associated with it. I also accept that sorcs are generally considered the "best" healers. I accept that mercs have certain skills that other healers may not have, and vice versa. There are benefits and disadvantages to each healing class, but I am having a major issue with one particular merc healing ability.

Kolto missle.

Ok, I know that merc healers get the highest hitting heals. I am constantly put into a spot where I am healing the main tank in raids while spot healing the rest. However, when situations arise where 2 merc healers are holding up an 8 man, kolto missle falls extremely short.

I would like to see kolto missle changed. Let it hit the three random targets like it does now, but please please make the cloud affect any person standing in it or any person who runs through it. If anyone has done any hard more or nightmare mode on 8 man, you know what kind of damage is put out by the bosses, especially Soa on nightmare. Its a little crazy how useless kolto missle is, even with the dps shield, when it only hits 3 targets when 8 people are getting slammed by balls of lightning and Soa's pew pew. Not to mention the supercharged shield wouldn't even hit a persons you are intending unless you can catch them running off by themselves, wasting the other 2 shields. Anyways, whenever the other healer got mind trapped or spun around the room, its almost a guaranteed wipe. Single target healing 8 people will ultimately result in a severe overheat with supercharge and vent heat on constant cooldown. And that is with a sorc throwing bubbles all the time and popping the purple AE heal.

Any other merc healers feel this way or am I on my own on this one?

Zade Lonesoul
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02.16.2012 , 12:31 PM | #2
I agree that kolto missle is broken but for a different reason. The spell would be way more valuable if it functioned like other missle/dart effects for the Merc. The reason Mercs find it hard to use kolto missle is because the amount of time and steps it costs you to use the ability, versus the amount of healing you can do single target without it. If you could fire kolto missle at a target versus having to place the effect on the ground this would save time and also eliminate the concern for who it will hit, because you would have the ability to use it on the person most in need of the heal without having to take your eyes away from your healing bar. The missle would still use the aoe effect and hit two other players in range but would give you the ability to actually determine who you healed with the spell as well as save you some time when using the ability. While the three targets is a little weak a change to the mechanic would negate this becuase the ability is on a short enough coodown that it would make up for the lack of targets. You could actually spreadout the use throughout the party more frequently. You really have to ask yourself why it this the only missle effect for Mercs/BH that functions differently?

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02.16.2012 , 04:42 PM | #3
Been discussed to death. Yup it sucks. Also most people like that you can target it like DFA, not me, but most. Unfortunately, you can beat this horse all you want, it ain't gonna change the result.
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