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50 Bracket Warzone still getting Bolster Buff for level ~49

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50 Bracket Warzone still getting Bolster Buff for level ~49

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01.30.2012 , 08:24 PM | #1
I'm in the 50 bracket and still get the bolster buff saying it is increasing my stats to approx. level 49... ***?

I've been a Battlemaster Sage 600-677 expertise player since before the Ilum and Warzone bracket patch, I've played many premade vs premade matches vs other battlemasters before and after patch. I rarely died before patch in warzones vs these premades and now since 50 bracket I die so easily to random players who vary in expertise from 0-200 expertise. I've talked to the opposite faction and they have felt themselves getting destroyed easier also and we all are in the 50 bracket with almost full battlemaster gear. The only thing in common that we all are seeing is that we all still get this bolster buff which we shouldn't be getting in the 50 bracket.

I understand it is all 50s now and there are more people with expertise but like I've said, I've played vs premades of full battlemasters before and still wasn't taking as much damage as I am post-patch vs players with little to no expertise.

Just wondering if anyone else feels the same or has been experiencing this post-patch..

Also, I realize the DR of expertise and mixing PvP/PvE gear could be better than stacking max expertise, but even with/without that I shouldnt' be getting destroyed 1v1 by a player who isn't interupt/stunlocking me and has mix t1pvp/pve gear w/ sub 100 expertise when I used to be able to survive for a decent amount of time through 500+ expertise players who did stunlock/interupt me.

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02.15.2012 , 05:56 PM | #2
I've been getting the buff too, I'm not sure if there is any effect though. But is says my stats are adjusted to level 49, I'm just hoping I'm not losing all the stats from my champ / bm gear.