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Easy way to stop leavers/afkers

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Easy way to stop leavers/afkers

jaakkeli's Avatar

02.15.2012 , 05:03 PM | #21
Simple solution: make the daily "gather 5 participation points in warzones", winning gives 2, losing gives 1. That way

- there's good incentive to work for winning (faster daily)
- there's a reason to stay in a losing match (you get some progress in a daily anyway)

Low level battlegrounds are not plagued by the leaving problem nearly as much since most people are after XP/valor/comms and you get those at a reduced rate anyway if you lose while leaving just means you wasted time for nothing.

Making battlemaster bags purchasible with a high amount of comms would also help but it's not just battlemasters leaving.

There does need to be a short deserter debuff though as right now some people are just fishing for a fast winning team by serial quitting for the first sign of a team not overpowering the enemy. You see people leave instantly if the other team touches the Huttball first and ridiculous stuff like that, they're just people looking for a strong enough team that they can afk and still get a win...

Pallais's Avatar

02.15.2012 , 05:18 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnSixteen View Post
If you AFK in the corner, you probably aren't going to win the match. The deserter debuff still implies the requirement of winning the WZ for the daily/weekly.

The deserter debuff would discourage people from leaving a match that is seemingly going to lose, or face a 15-30 minute wait before being able to re-enter a new match.
A deserter debuff doesn't stop people from dropping a losing battle. If they think they'll do better requeueing after the debuff they'll drop in a heartbeat.

For example, making the daily a single win or 5 losses with 2 medals earned per loss would do more for keeping people in a match than any debuff. The idea of medals is a good one because it promotes normal participation. Add a Wow-style afk reporting tool and you would be set. It is better to nudge people towards the goal of active play than uselessly whack 'em on the nose with a deserter debuff.

(I say two medals as that still lets those that defend a turret in ACW to progress. The wins and matches lost are just examples. It could stay three wins and/or 9 matches w/medals or whatever you thing the sweetspot for the numbers should be.)

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02.15.2012 , 05:26 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by threas View Post
How does the deserter debuff prevent the afk in a corner?

It doesn't, people will still do it if not for their dailies, then for Valor or Exp - pre L50.

Deserter debuff is an awful, draconian measure that just creates more problems. I've quit all of 3 times in god knows how many hundreds and hundreds of WZs. I get kicked or glitched out of WZs very regularly, though.

For people like me? Punishes me for doing nothing wrong.