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Mele DPS issues in PVP

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Mele DPS issues in PVP

Asphen's Avatar

02.15.2012 , 02:37 PM | #11
Melee DPS should not be affected by CC for the full duration.

It's like that in every other game, except this one.

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02.15.2012 , 02:39 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Asphen View Post
Melee DPS should not be affected by CC for the full duration.

It's like that in every other game, except this one.

No it isn't.

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02.15.2012 , 03:10 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by gwrtheyn View Post
all mele dps and mele tanks in DPS mode(non tank strance) have the same issues.
there is less an issue with sorcs/sage or BH/Commando dps

meles do not more dps than a rdps does,but they are in the middel of the fire of all enemys,so they die fast without cds/tank strance.
on top of this a lot stuns are 30ft,so you getting stuned a lot more than a range.
getting a knockbacks is by far worse as mele than as range.

-stuns leave a buff,which prevents stunning for 4sec(kd=stun)
-ALL CCs used on a player give resolve,knockbacks too,even if they are immune
-all 30ft stuns -> 5ft
-all aoe knockbacks-> single target knockback(exept Sniper/Gunslinger since self root)

Just to recap the first 4 weeks of game release.

"Operatives are chain stunning." Fact - No we can't nor was it even possible pre-nerf
"Operatives are overpowered" Fact - Sorcs/sages/and other melee classes put out the same damage numbers pre-nerf and post nerf. Neglecting the fact marauders got boosted as well.

The Nerf:

"Operatives/Scoundrels for all intent and purpose received a 40% damage nerf"
20% nerf to acid blade & 20% to hidden strike and 50% nerf to knockdown

Pre & Post Nerf:
While BH/Trooper sit on a 90% armor penetration skill and utilize damage types no class has a resistance to. Not to mention tracer missile is just broken.
Assassins/Shadow - 1 KD, 1 knockback, 1 gap closer and more armor pen than an operative.
Sorc/sages hybrid builds - massive DPS + overpowered healing = unkillable 1v1
Only overpowered aspect of an operative at this point is the healing tree they are borderline useless with any other spec which includes the healing + dps hybrid spec (this spec is a non factor in pvp wish I could say the same for sorcs/sages)

Lastly, I advocated fixing resolve not break it more: Now "EVERY CLASS" can chain stun. Which includes operatives.

Putting a recourse effect on stuns right now... makes the resolve system useless.

Snares, and roots are not effected by the resolve system.

Oh btw, for all the wow carebears some more ammo to get operatives nerf'd again.

Sever Tendon has a 2 second stun attached to it. This stun is not effected by the resolve system, and you obviously remain snared on top of it since snares/roots are not effected by the resolve system either. I think this is overpowered we should nerf operatives again shouldn't we?

I suggest another 40% damage nerf and the complete immunity to all types of CC's/stuns/roots/snares/etc for all classes if it comes from an operative and it's not an operative that is being attacked.

I think that makes perfect sense.

Please support my endeavor as I am the bestest player in the game and I know more than anyone.

To be a bit more serious... and I know this suggestion will fly in one ear and out the other by pretty much everyone in the community and especially the dev's.

How about a uniformed nerf across the board for all classes equivalent to that of the operative?


Because this nerf will be reversed later down the road when each class type completes the "FULL" set of BM gear not just 7/8 pieces.

For example:

Operatives have a 40% damage nerf right now.

When said operatives get the full BM set the nerf is reversed due to a the full BM set bonus application... Sooo That means hidden strike has a 20% increase in damage.... while Acid blad has a 20% increase in armor pen... while the knockdown is increased by 1.5 seconds.

But ONLY if the player has the full BM set... which includes... earring/implants.offhand, relics etc.

Nerf tracer missile into the ******* for BH's and reduce knockback chance by 50%... nerf PT guard + defensive stance... nerf sorc/sage healing or dps... nerf Jedi guard + stance + smash or equivalent skills by 40%. Nerf pure spec healers by 40% in healing efficasy. Do not allow these nerfs to be reversed until these people get the FULL BM set. (Strictly in PVP does not effect PVE)

if you don't like this idea, how about a PVP damage debuff for all players.

If your normal 10k crit right now you only hit for 5k regardless of gear/stats. 50% PVP damage nerf in warzones. But not in world PVP.

Just throwing out ideas that have worked in the past for other MMO's.

Ban any new level 50 that Q's for a warzone that has less than 12k hp. (sorry this one irritates the hell out of me) which is a direct result of people pvp'ing to level 50 instead of doing PVE and getting gear a long the way. Apparently a new trend also exists where these new level 50's are complaining about the 50's bracket because they have 11k HP and still using the full 40 PVP gear.... Really? It's not rocket science upgrade your ****!

Slashtwo's Avatar

02.15.2012 , 03:29 PM | #14
Sentinels and Marauders are one of the best pvp classes in the game, and when played properly can 1v3 people.

And you'd like to be buffed why?