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The reasons why all the melee classes need a serious love

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The reasons why all the melee classes need a serious love

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02.15.2012 , 10:45 AM | #1
Please, find below a list of reasons why all the melee classes need a serious love in this game. You may discuss this list, add new reasons. If you do so, I will update this original post accordingly.

Reason 1
When a melee class is rooted, snared, or bumped, it cannot deal any DPS (with the exception of the Jedi Shadow and Sith assassin who can deal some Range DPS). The resolution bar is not growing up that much when you are affected by a movement impairing effect. Even worse: while rooted, the resolution bar starts decreasing. You cannot move, but you are almost immediately eligible for a mez, a stun, or whatever else. Obviously, a melee class is much more affected by crowed control effects than any other class in the game.

Reason 2
The melee classes are taking way too much damage. They take so much damage that they have not the ability to put the pressure into the enemy lines. Let's take an example: a 50v50 fight on Ilum. The melee classes, i.e DPS and tanks, cannot rush the enemy lines. If they do so, they get killed in a couple of seconds. The combat is therefore a (Range + Healer) vs (Range + Healer) fight. In such a fight, melee classes are only spectators. This issue has also an impact in the overall PvP game play: since it is not possible to rush into the enemy lines, the fight is therefore quite static.

Reason 3
The melee classes are globally dealing less DPS than the range classes. This is a subjective observation as I do not have any combat logs to prove this general feeling or its contrary. But I can also listen to people who have two characters, one range DPS class and one melee DPS class, and who report the exact same feeling. IMHO, a melee DPS class should strike hard when in contact of the target, as most of the time, due to the movement impairing effects and other CCs, the melee DPS class cannot deal any DPS at all.

Reason 4
In PvE raids, the melee classes generally take more risks than the range classes. For instance, some bosses can cleave, can PBAoE (not that much in SWToR though), which can be quite harmful for the melee classes. In some extent, there are no added values in having melee classes in a PvE Raid operation at this moment (with the exception of the tank of course).

For these reasons at least, the melee classes need a serious love. The suggestions are:
- Melee tank classes should take less damage in defensive forms (and deal little damage)
- Melee tank classes should be more efficient in protecting (guarding) their team mates.
- Melee DPS classes should deal more damage in offensive forms.
- Melee classes should be less affected by crowed control effects in general, as they are both affected by movement impairing effects and mez / stun effects.
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02.15.2012 , 11:10 AM | #2
The one thing I don't understand is that in other games, melee classes have far superior damage to ranged classes because of the liabliity of being in melee. Here in SWTOR it seems to be the opposite. Ranged classes not only have the better abilities, but do higher damage as well. (See Commandos/Mercenaries).

Tell me why again was a ranged class given heavy armor, shields, armor reduction abilities, the ability to self heal, knockbacks, and high damage?

It's like pre-nerf Paladins on steroids. AT least paladins were melee....this is ridiculous.
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02.15.2012 , 12:16 PM | #3
Seriously, I've been ************ about this alot, myself. The amount of DPS my Sentinel does is completely pathetic compared to the amount of damage I take. In a typical warzone match, i'll deal between 80k and 100k damage, but I'll have died somewhere between 15 and 25 times. But, honestly I don't find a lot of problems with PVP. my main issue comes with the fact that with every PVP aspect they nerf for QQers, they make things harder on the PVE players. It is freaking ridiculous that I'm getting owned by level 30-32 elites when I'm at level 35, with Kira, a stimpack, medpacks, Force Might, Saber Ward, and Call on the Force active. On top of that, there's nowhere to buy parts for T7, so unless you tell Kira to **** off and only focus on gearing the droid, you have no tank.

Things that Knights/Warriors need majorly:
Increased DPS to make up for squishiness (Sentinel/Marauder)
Increased defense/endurance to make it a viable tanking option (Guardian/Juggernaut)
A place where we can easily get parts for our droids (All classes. Even C2-N2 could be useful if I could A)turn off his attack feature and B) find parts for him)

EDIT: Also, crowd control. Being constantly in the thick of things, Knights/Warriors (especially the Sentinel/Marauder) should have a couple crowd control abilities to even things up when we get mobbed by a bunch of enemies at once.

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02.15.2012 , 12:35 PM | #4
50 vs 50 Ilum would be a laggy mess that no one would want a part of.

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02.15.2012 , 12:37 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by GeoLager View Post
50 vs 50 Ilum would be a laggy mess that no one would want a part of.
I don't think a great deal of effort should go into trying to 'balance' that setup either. PVP should ideally be balanced around ranked warzones, group vs group type encounters. As far as the rest of the topic goes I'll leave it that I was hoping nobody would respond to this thread at all :P

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02.15.2012 , 12:37 PM | #6
I'm in complete agreement. Melee classes take more damage because they're in the absolute thick of things and yet for the most part they're squishy. They also don't deal nearly enough damage to make up for the fact that they have to spend time wading in to get to their target.

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02.15.2012 , 12:44 PM | #7
And where does this leave Operatives? Even at the moment, they are extremely tedious to play. We have NO gap closers and have to rely entirely on short range stuns. Not only that, but we have no utility or knock backs, and are extremely squishy. The only good thing about them is high burst damage, but if that fails for whatever reason, be it we get caught before we get to open or we can't produce enough DPS to take down the target, we are royally screwed.
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02.15.2012 , 01:35 PM | #8
I actually made a thread on the issues melee have.

Check it out for stuff to add:

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02.15.2012 , 11:58 PM | #9
This thread deserves a good look at.

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02.16.2012 , 12:04 AM | #10
With the exception of Master Strike/the marauder equivalent, it would seem as though melee can do their full DPS while moving, and ranged can't.

Just pointing that out.