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The way I would have done Operations, dailies, and HMs

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The way I would have done Operations, dailies, and HMs

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02.14.2012 , 11:10 PM | #1
I had an idea the other day for a better PvE end game (imo). The whole idea is to eliminate the mass-repetitive nature of end game, but keep just enough that you feel like you've 'figured out' fights. On the other hand though, I didnt sit down and figure out every detail, this is just a guideline.
Story wise, it's like theres a ship that moves into an area of the galaxy. And there's some stuff to do in that area. It spends a week in that area and moves on.
Week 1:
Operations: EV
Hard Modes: BT, Kaon
Dailies: Belsavis
Week 2:
Operations: KP
Hard Modes: BP, Foundry
Dailies: illum

...yada yada.
I realize some of these aren't 'in the area'. I was just using known examples.
And then I would have made the dailies be more of a supporting role for the hard modes and the operations- possibly to the extent that they unlock each other. Then guild members without much gear get the sense they are contributing since there's a connection. The operations and hard modes would be able to have alot more story crafted around them through the dailies quests, and the whole thing would change after a week so it wouldnt get too repetitive.
Yes, this model doesnt work so well when there's only 2 operations, and it would be nice to have more than 1 a week.